Is it just me who's a bit annoyed by Brock's MMA style?

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  1. I re-watched his match with Cena a few days ago and whilst the elbows were great and the kimura is the best submission move in the WWE currently IMO I wish he'd vary it up a bit, he always seems to either shoot in for the double leg or go for the kimura now where as before he'd bust out a lot of suplexs, especially the belly to belly throw he used to use on a regular basis which was a fine execution. I guess I'm wishing he'd utilise more of his amateur background by varying his throws rather than just using his MMA background. Anyone else agree or disagree?
  2. I love it. IIRC against Cena he did a few Germans and Belly to bellys did he not? If he has a DQ-on match then yeah, he needs to return to his amateur style, but as long as it's 'no holds barred', he does enough crazy shit to make interesting IMO.
  3. Probably he busted out a few but how many times did he shoot in and drop elbows or go for the Kimura for comparison, it was a lot more I'm guessing. It fits from a character stand point sure but why can't he be throwing people around more also? It just seems pretty limiting for a great performer IMO.
  4. Against John he was trying to get that move over I think, as he's sort of adopted it as his finisher. And he did enough other things to make the match as awesome as it was, the stairs flying shoulder block and handcuffs spot were especially great.
  5. And against Trips? He was barely even working the arm any other way if I remember rightly. I'm a fan of the Cena match but he seems to be really limited now, it's a shame really IMO. It could just be me being strange though.
  6. I'm a fan of it. The draw with Brock is that he was a UFC champion and has returned, so he should keep that MMA style. The sudden switch from badass UFC fighter to organised wrestling spots would be annoying and 'fake' (yeah, ikr), and I think he utilises the stiff MMA style really well.
  7. Isn't he also a former WWE champion though, is it not theoretical for him to utilise more pro wrestling moves also? His entire moveset seems to be based around the MMA gimmick, I'm not denying he does it well it just seems awfully 1 dimensional IMO, compare it to his matches with Angle where they'd throw down amateur style but also throw in pro elements to it.
  8. Well I think Lesnar might be rusty with those moves perhaps, which is why he hasn't used them and stuck to a more brute force approach in his matches and it's been working in my opinion. It's not as pretty as amateur, but it's good for who he is and fits perfectly with him.
  9. He is but that's in the distant past now. The reason he is mainstream relevant is because of his MMA run, and how he successfully transformed from a WWE champion to a UFC champion. He still performs some wrestling moves (suplexes, his finisher as well), and I'm actually fine with that. If him being one dimensional led to bad matches I would complain, but I've been satisfied from his matches thus far (the Extreme Rules one especially).
  10. Honestly I haven't been really satified with his return, the match with Cena was a good brawl and his match with Trips was well ... dull IMO and I haven't been blown away like a Brock Lesnar match should do, you know?
  11. The story behind Brock Lesnar is that he's evolved from the WWE Champion to a UFC Champion. I think people know him as the beast, the guy that made it from wrestling to becoming a historic Champion, but I understand your reasons that he's a former WWE Champion.

    I talk about Brock Lesnar to the people I know in real life and they know him as a former UFC Champion rather than the former WWE Champion. This is his gimmick and it links within his past which makes it much, much more believable and realistic to the crowd.

    Brock Lesnar in his MMA gimmick is pure ratings, why anyone would change that I do not know.
  12. Implying I care about ratings, this is evaluating his match quality and why I don't see it as being up to par. Also the name Brock Lesnar draws not his style, people know wrestling is pre-determined so no way can you say Brock working an MMA style draws, Brock fighting that way drew not him re-enacting it.
  13. Quite frankly, the WWE don't care about what you care about. If they see money in something, they'll most defiantly go for it.

    + A small percentage of the whole WWE Universe want to see Brock Lesnar utilize a different set of moves.

    + Implying that Brock Lesnar's gimmick and style isn't ratings.

    So, let me get this straight, you was excited when CM Punk dropped the pipebomb speech, right? Yes, of course. It was CM Punks gimmick, so his gimmick did draw.

    Did people want Brock Lesnar in the WWE? Yes, why? I think it's because of his recent run in the UFC, so most defiantly he does draw with his gimmick.

    Why does wrestling have gimmicks? To draw people to watch it, thus being a draw.
  14. I agree in that he should use more amateur wrestling moves and not only his MMA background, but he could make a mix between those two styles and may be great.
  15. The WWE don't care about what I think? I know that however it's an irrelevant point here as they don't care about any threads made on here.

    Who cares if a small percentage want to see it? A small percentage want to see Daniel Bryan say fuck you Vince and kick people's heads in does it make the point it would be cool less valid?

    I never said the gimmick didn't draw I said the style of wrestling wasn't the reason people paid to see him, holy twisting terms batman.I'll quote myself here :

    "Also the name Brock Lesnar draws not his style, people know wrestling is pre-determined so no way can you say Brock working an MMA style draws"

    Notice how it says working an MMA style, why pay to see it re-enacting in the WWE when you can see the real thing in MMA?

    I've not critisized his gimmick once, I'm saying his match styles are limited which is a shame for someone of his ability.

    I've even praised it for it's intergration between the two.
  16. Totally agree, but thought I was alone in this (and really questioning whether it was him or his opponents). As Crayo said it's kinda cool to see MMA hit pro wrestling, but going for the Kimura constantly and slowing the match with Big Nose down to a screeching halt? Not so much. Vary it up, a lot.

    But who knows, he may have had to do this so HHH could keep up.
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  17. This is the problem I'm getting at, he's too far in the MMA gimmick with his matches that variety is gone. He's approaching it too much like he's in a fight and not in a storytelling aspect. Going for the kimura in MMA multiple times I can't fault him for it but in something built around building tension and excitement he needs something different. The flow isn't there IMO.
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  18. To be fair, him acting like he's in a legitimate fight to the death rather than just a wrestling match is how he should approach it. After dominating the UFC, he looks down on rasslers (kayfabe speaking, though probably realistically speaking as well) and thinks he can easily dominate them just by applying MMA holds. As mentioned, he does still break out the normal wrestling holds though, like german suplexes and the F-5 and stuff.
  19. From a character stand point you're right however he's not got the balance right yet between character intergration and having a good match sorted yet, it's like Ryback doing his dominating stuff vs Punk at HIAC it fit the character like a glove but the match was poor. Brock isn't that bad but that's the idea I'm attempting to convey here.
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