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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. Or does this whole big angle with the corporate stable and Bryan seem to be benefiting Big Show the most? It seems to be all about him and whether he's finally going to snap on the stable or not. I know I read rumours regarding HHH and Big Show having some match soon - yay for us - but it seems like a huge waste of opportunity to waste the early stages of this story on someone as irrelevant as Show. The early stages of any huge story tend to be the best because the repetitive shit they need to do isn't stale yet. It seems to be some big montage of Bryan getting beaten up time and time again and Show crying about whether to do the right thing or not. As a watcher, you're not thinking about Bryan, you're thinking about Show.

    Anyone else feel like this?
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  2. I agree with you there, I also like how they went from "If it means I have to knock Hunter out then so be it" Big Show. To "lets cry every episode Big Show", it doesn't make much sense the rapid change of attitude in Big Show. I also like how the Focus that was on Ziggler is seemingly gone too. They had a match where ambrose interfered and then thats it, where were the Ziggler/Ambrose Segements.
  3. They're putting so much focus on the guy that it completely feels that way, even quibbed that "wonder why Edge is inviting out the #2 babyface on the show". But it makes sense as the easy way to get this storyline over, they have this wrecking ball they can boss around and do their dirtywork without any care for his personal life. Bryan MUST be the guy to take out the Corporation, if these guys know anything about what's "best for business".

    We won't want to see the HHH/Show match, but there's no way the title will be on the line guaranteeing Bryan/Orton II. It's not like they're gonna do the finger poke of doom to get the belt on Triple... crap this guy and his ego may actually do that :downer:

    Anyway, boy did we miss threads like these when you were gone. Great to see you back for more reasons than just that.
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  4. Yeah. Show was the wrong the choice but I guess they needed a big guy. Bryan has lost a lot of momentum from this IMO.
  5. I think Big Show is getting benefit in this storyline and his involvement is really what kills it for me. I think if it was just DB and the corporation it would be great for it. Show is something that should have been added after NoC
  6. Yeah, Show is getting a lot of focus, hopefully that fades out soon.
  7. I don't think he's overshadowing Bryan and I love the extent of his involvement. I've never minded Big Show (like others on here) and they're building him up to his boiling point so well that it's gonna be a sweet sweet moment when he finally does lay out Triple H with the Knockout Punch.
  8. Agreed Crayo. Maybe if they shove the camera in Show's face a little more, even if he's "crying", he might become more relevant? I doubt it though
  9. Its designed to get HHH more heat since Daniel is basically only feuding with Orton

    Show draws attention naturally (tho Henry fits better since Show is a big pu***) but will ultimately be putting Trips over in the arc
  10. He's their best option to sell a cry for the fans on a continual basis. It isn't about in ring quality or mic skills as much as being able to tear up and look like an angry baby with an extra chromosome on a regular basis.

    I dont get why he is there, im glad miz is feuding with fandango instead, and im hoping this ziggler business is to get him into the angle (going against wyatt and in constant squash/handicap matches.
    Hopefully show is just around for a month/two max before Vince shows up, hires back Cody, and Show goes back to commentary before ppv's.
  11. I am not a fan of it. I never cared for Big Show. He needs to get a big clue, WE WANT D BRY! :finger: :yes:
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