Is it me, or does Undertaker need to freshen up his gimmick for the next Mania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. Let's face it, his gimmick sucks right now. How he can just lamely revert to the deadman gimmick after all his years of character progression is terribly stupid. The last two years build with HHH have been boring as shit because his character is boring. I'm tired of his 25 minute 1994 entrance. I'm tired of the announcers telling me how it's the most fap worthy thing in wrestling. I'm tired of his shit. I'm tired of his batman voice during his elongated promos. Remember how many people were speculating/hoping for a return to the Big Evil/Biker Taker? That's how stale his character is atm. His character change? a fucking mohawk


    He can come out and shoot on Linda/trash her campaign and then dump her into a vat of hot lava and then feud with Vince before ultimately jobbing at Mania after Shane O'Mac (special guest ref obviously) quick counts after Vince pins him following a series of low blows. It will be like the attitude era all over again.
  2. I don't think his gimmick sucks, I think it's probably the best gimmick in wrestling, but you're right. The best time to change it up would have been in either of the Part 2's where he nearly lost. Like he nearly lost to HHH in part 1 -- but was really part 2 -- but he should have reverted perhaps to American Badass Taker when facing him the second -- but really the third -- time.

    I really hope he does change it though, it would be a shame to see the last of him in the gimmick we've seen for so many years now doing the same old thing.
  3. Indeed, it's a great gimmick but it has gotten stale. Although I'd like to be sure about how many WMs he'll still wrestle in if I could change his gimmick.
  4. He's barely on TV, a gimmick change is pretty useless
  5. 1.) he needs to be on more to build his matches anyway
    2.) He is on for anywhere from 6-8 weeks building mania

    it's not more "useless" than his Mania matches are.
  6. I want a gimmick change, but if he's only going to be around for like a month that's a tease
  7. He's going to leave again after Mania, that is inevitable. I'm just sick of seeing him dust off the same tired shit for every Mania.
  8. me too I was never a huge fan of his Deadman gimmick anyway except for when he was in the Ministry
  9. There's no point in doing a gimmick change when he's this close to retirement (it can't be too long) and when he's barely on TV anymore anyway. I think at best, he could become more 'human' the way he was during the build to WM28, where he's the Deadman but still talking like a normal person in promos, rather than a zombie of few words or something. He did the same thing back in 97/98, where he wasn't really portraying a literally zombie but rather a normal human being who just had an interest in the 'dark side' (he also did this same thing even when working the Satanic gimmick in '99.)

    I want to see him retire as his original Deadman/Phenom persona though, I really would hate to see him go back to being the 'American Badass.'
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