Is it possible to love and hate at the same time?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. Someone I know always says "I hate that I love ___" and to me, it seems like backwards logic. I get that you can hate what something or someone does to you and still care deeply, but to actually hate the immediate object or person and still say you love them/it? I don't get that.

    So my question, pointless as is may be, - Can you really ever hate something you love?
  2. I guess if you love something that you don't want to. Example: You are very overweight and love most fatty foods, that's something you could "hate".
  3. That is hating what something has done to you though. Like you love the food but hate it makes you fat.
  4. Then you hate yourself for not giving it up.
  5. Think we had a thread recently where it was TV Shows that are guilty pleasures. Like, you can enjoy a show that has a different target audience or isn't really your type, but you enjoy it. Think this fits hate/love relationship.
  6. But can you genuinely say you hate yourself if you still continue to feed yourself? If a person truly hated themselves, would they even bother eating?
  7. But you still enjoy it even though it, at its core, you dislike. For whatever reason, this still isn't hate to me. It is like saying " I love to hate you but hate to love you" it just contradicts itself.
  8. Those who say "I hate that I love" aren't really thinking in that way. It's just a way to emphasize that something you enjoy/love has negative repercussions which you "hate".
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  9. Exactly. It is using the word hate out of context, but I guess people do the same for love. Does anyone truly LOVE pizza? Like they would give up their life to eat it and enjoy it? I don't think so. lol
  10. If it's bbq chicken... :lenny:
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  11. Saying 'I hate that I love...' is more of an expression than it is a legitimate feeling towards something. Love and Hate are mental states of mind. You can't mentally love something, and hate it at the same time.

    I think that's what my teacher told me.
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  12. Like solidus said, people use it to get a point across for emphasis. So really, at the ed of the day, you can't REALLY simultaneously hate and love something or someone at the same time. Loving them or it and hating what they or the object does is reasonable.
  13. That's what I said :heyman:
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  14. Rihanna said it anyway, so it must be right :cenanope:
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  15. Chris Brown begs to differ.

    *Insert jokes about him beating her up, oh wait I just did*
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  16. Rihanna logic = Be a hoe and dis hoes cause $$$ yo.
  17. [​IMG] - Sorry Rhianna dissed your kind, hoe.
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  18. Rihanna is an expert tool, I will give you that.
  19. Break ups come to mind. You love someone but then when it is over you hate to think about the things you used to love. Duality man, its a bitch. Its like you know you need to move the fuck on but the thought of doing so slurps the biggest dong of them all.
  20. Of course you can love something/someone and yet hate them at the same time. We're complicated creatures, not robots, and we often have conflicted, back and forth emotions over something.
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