Is it possible?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. For Y2J to win an IC tonight?

    Imo I think it is. Him getting the strap one more time could give more value to the title.

    It is the forgotten child imo right now. It's not heavily promoted, etc..

    So do you think it's possible, and would it be good for the value?
  2. It'd be good for it sure but it's better if he wins it at Mania.
  3. Ziggs/Y2J would've been so much better at Mania. :downer:

    But him winning tonight would be better imo. Because then he can let someone go over him at Mania...
  4. Could happen. Him winning the title would make the whole angle seem important going into Mania (I assume a triple threat rematch would likely happen.) With only three weeks till Mania, it needs all the momentum it can get.
  5. There is an IC champ?
  6. Very good chance of him winning. Makes the IC match at WM mean something instead of no one caring about it ie Barrett/Miz or Barrett/Kofi 346656786.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I think Jericho is wining the title, and then the rematch is going to be at WM and that may give it a little more prestige
  9. 3 weeks before Mania? Seems unlikely.
  10. He didn't win obviously but at one point during the match I thought he could. Thought he'd win and drop it at WM to Fandango.
  11. Would've been the best way imho.
  12. Yeah, I would've liked it tbh. Can't really see a Barrett (in his current character and card location) have a more interesting defense at WM given he has no feud except for this one (and it's been blown off pretty much).
  13. So he'd only hold the belt for three weeks before losing it to some newbie? Meh. That doesn't sound all that great to me.
  14. Indeed. Barrett's reign is done imo.

    Y2J is in jobber mode now to get the young guys over. So it would've been a solid way tbh.
  15. Jericho will likely face Fandango at Wrestlemania and Barrett will probably defend against Miz.
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