Is it safe to say Mr. McMahon really is done?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Jul 6, 2014.

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  3. It just doesn't make sense to bring him back yet

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  1. It's been almost a year since he's had any impact on television. It's strange only because

    a) He was originally pegged to be the Antagonist in the Daniel Bryan storyline
    b) He was, then, going to to be the Protagonist in the same Daniel Bryan storyline
    c) He could still be the Protagonist in the Roman Reigns/HHH storyline, but they don't really need him.

    I enjoy where HHH has gone with his character, which actually evolved from losing to Curtis Axel believe it or not. I'm not sure if Vince was ever supposed to return, but it sure seemed like it early on.

    I can point to the specific instance where Randy Orton was coronated the WWEWHC and Vince was sort of standing in the background. It seemed unusual at the time, for him to be outsourced by HHH on live TV. Maybe I read too much into that one.

    Roman Reigns doesn't need Vince's endorsement now because Roman is well on his way... however, he could use the rub come 'Mania time. It's all speculation.

    Edit: For the record, it wouldn't shock me if (years later) Stephanie ended up being Sister Abigail and they did whole retarded Ministry resurrection type deal
  2. I doubt this angle will ever happen, which I'd be completely fine with. If it does, then maybe it's one that will play out at next year's Wrestlemania. I'm doubtful of that though since I have HHH vs Ambrose pegged for Wrestlemania 31 (my original prediction was HHH vs Rollins, but Seth shouldn't be turning babyface again that quickly), and an unhinged character like Ambrose as the guy that Vince endorses to help him keep the company in his hands and out of the clutches of his 'evil children' seems odd. I prefer Dean as the crazed loner who doesn't really care who in upper-management runs the company so long as they don't try to fuck with him personally (based on McMahon's past deeds, Ambrose would have no reason to think things would be any better for him underneath McMahon than they are with Hunter) and I don't see much chemistry between he and Vince as allies on the babyface side of things anyway.

    That doesn't mean McMahon will never return to television. I think as long as Vince is still alive, he'll continue to make sporadic appearances here and there, even after he's long retired (well, I suppose those are one and the same... I don't see Vince ever giving up the mantle until his death is imminent. To be fair, his father was a similar way.)
  3. I specifically referred to him as Mr.McMahon, as in being a semi-regular character for at least a quarter of the year.
    At first, it appeared clear Bryan could use a rub from someone like Vince. The audience never deemed it necessary
    HHH has done such a fine job scouting young talent that he's learned how to work the crowd in the young talent's favor.

    I theorize this is, in part, why Vince is acting overly anal backstage in regards to talents such as Adam Rose, Dallas and Paige.
    HHH has, in effect, outsourced Vince. If Vince is siding with Kevin Dunn it maybe because Dunn needs Vince more than HHH needs Vince.

    If Vince is feeling less useful, it should come to the surprise of no one that he is being more cantankerous than usual.
  4. You hear the pop he/Sandow got on RAW? He's the fucking GOAT. That candyass dull authority figure screen-hogger called Triple H has nothing on him. One last run fucking shit up needs to happen.
  5. Good point. A better question would be how to get Vince back on screen without destroying HHH's capitol.
    If not done correctly, Vince could stunt HHH's credibility as authority figure.
    The audience would always see HHH in Vince's shadow, but if the Sandow segment is any clue that may already be the case.
    Pops happen for Austin still, it doesn't mean him coming back would be what the company is aiming for.

    As a mark, deep down, Brad. makes a good argument
  6. Yeah, I'm guessing if he did return it would be for a power struggle with Hunter, which could involve Vince picking someone to represent him in a control of the company match.
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  7. That's been the premise for going on twelve months, now. Vince would be the face and HHH would be the heel.
    However, I don't think WWE wants to go the 'control of the company' route. I believe that boat has sailed.
    It's one thing for Vince to 'sponsor' a guy for WM and add a stipulation that would severely embarrass HHH at the conclusion....
    ...its another thing to battle for control of the company when the audience has been buying into the Authority for less than a year.

    This feud has potential to be have a likeness to WM 23 Trump v McMahon, than anything else IMO
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  8. I think he will still show up eventually, but I don't think an angle vs HHH/Steph for the control of the company is the way to go here. I mean, this passin of the torch would have to happen kayfabe wise sooner or later, right? I think Vince is a great TV character. perhaps he could work a minor feud or two with some young guy to give him a rub but I think in a way the torch has been passed as far as the boss.
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  9. The biggest disappointment would be Vince turning down a potential return because of the way the angle is written.
    There are long term very interesting storylines that could be written very well, but Vince would turn it down.
    I have an idea involving HHH/Stephen/Vince running SD/RAW/NXT that could work if a writer could clean it up for me....of course Vince would turn that idea down as well.

    I wonder how many interesting and compelling ideas (by WWE writers) are turned down by Vince McMahon every week.
  10. I casted my vote as yes, I do think the Mr McMahon character could be finished. We have been hearing about the potential power-struggle storyline with HHH for over a year now but I think that idea has definitely been buried. I think because of who he is that he will of course make occasional appearances for the WWE. To me as long as The Authority (HHH and Steph) are running things on TV then there is no need for VKM to return for any storylines.

    I don't think that you did read too much in to it from my subjective point of view. I experienced similar feelings when watching that scene, Vince very much seemed in the background during the final poses and allowed The Authority the take the spotlight on this one.

    Although creative I give this one a fuck no! This would be a disaster.
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  11. Smart kid
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