Is it scripted?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Allabonkaja, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Im dutch, english sucks.
    I love wrestling; but every time i watch it i think about if it is fake; scripted. Do any of you have evidence/proof or something that proofs its fake, real, scripted??
  2. No. Completely real.
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  3. First, Welcome to the forum,

    I don't like to be the one telling you this but it's scripted..
    The outcome of each match is predetermined , but that doesn't mean that everything you see in the ring is fake, as superstars always risk their bodies and put them on the line in every match..

    A lot of injuries occurs which is real life and not fake, the last one was CM Punk about a month ago when he needed a real life surgery, and couldn't compete at TLC.
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  4. :lol1:
  5. But is there PROOF????
  6. IT is scripted. There are multiple interviews with the wrestlers online ( a lot on youtube) from TV interviews. Vince McMahon himself admitted to it being scripted back in the 80's as to avoid the athletic commission and their health inspections.
  7. Is there a link to a interview?


    and how do i quote? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

  8. This is a prime example. You'll notice how Bryan is a complete different person when out of character and how he talks of it as a scripted event.

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  9. thx, now i can quote!


    now i cant enjoy wrestling; how can i enjoy it when its fake; i mean everything is scripted; that mean its boring, because they dont have a free will; and there personalities arent real


    maybe is john cena a real b*stard in real life???
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  11. How do you enjoy watching movies?
  12. No offence but did you really think Taker was a walking dead man?
  13. how do u mean?


    OF COURSE NOT :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, i mean, i believed that the person they play was 'fake' but i didnt know the matches are fake
  14. You can still enjoy it. It's no more fake than any other TV show or movie. The wrestlers generally are given a fair bit of freedom with what they do and how their characters are to be presented. They are given a scenario and asked to work with it and are then allowed to improvise to reach the goals of the scenario. Most wrestling characters are extensions of their own personalities.

    And yes. Cena is a complete D-bag most likely.
  15. BUT WHY ARE THE MATCHES FAKE :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. There is a difference between fake and scripted. The moves are real, they do hurt. You need to train for years to be able to be a wrestler. The only thing pre decided is the ending (who goes out on top). Between the start of the match and the end you see something that is completely improvised by the wrestlers involved (except major spots like putting someone through the announcing table). There is still a level of competition to the matches since the wrestlers have to try to get "over" with the crowd (make the fans cheer or boo them) and thus they must be better than the guy they are working with.

    What you can enjoy from wrestling is not knowing what will happen and just sitting down to watch some of the most athletic people on the planet.
  17. but if they are so good; why must it be scripted?
  18. Because if it was legit fighting. We would not get the stories, the extravagant characters or larger than life personalities that we get from wrestling. We would get the UFC or boxing. Wrestling is not a sport in the traditional sense of the word, but sportsentertainment.
  19. and how was it back in the old days; before the attidute era?


    And what does that cash means? and reputation?
  20. Just the same as it is now. Up until around the 80's they worked under the illusion of being real fighting, mainly to draw crowds since they didn't think the crowds would accept them if they came out and told them it was SCRIPTED (not fake, scripted). Fans proved them wrong though.
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