Is it smart to let Lashley fight in Bellator?

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  1. Now, personally I think it is cool to let him fight professionally and wrestle, but isn't there a bit of conflicting interest here? It is all under one flag for Spike/Viacom, so they obviously want Lashley to succeed in both, but isn't it a bit of a bad idea to let him fight while pushing him as the champion of TNA?

    It works as long as he wins, and his first fight was against a complete can, but now he wants to fight Kongo, who would undoubtedly whoop his ass.

    Isn't it a bad look to have your pro wrestling champ getting KO'd in actual fights? I haven't watched TNA since Lashley came back, do they reference his MMA fights and use that to build up his character? Assuming they do, what happens when he gets beat up in Bellator? They just drop that and hope people don't realize it or what?
  2. They'll probably bring in whoever beat him and have them job to settle the score. :happy:
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    It is cool as long as he is winning and not getting injured while doing Bellator.

    The pre-fight rumor was that if Lashley were to lose to Burns (?), TNA was gonna have Lashley jobbed to someone and lose the title at the very next set of TV tapings, which are tomorrow.

    Yeah, they do regularly mention Lashley being an MMA fighter and all of course, and why not do that? It makes perfect sense.

    I'd personally hate to see Lashley lose the title yet, and I know it's hard to believe this to someone who hasn't been watchin TNA and his title run, but Lashley is a goddamn awesome world champ. He looks motivated and focused, in a great shape, delivering awesome and quality matches with every opponent (even Hardy), he really seems to be enjoying wrestling, and even better yet TNA has booked him near perfect: all clean wins and defenses, which with his boss look and lack of actual heavyweights, makes him really dominant and maybe the best booked champ possibly in company history. Lashley being a World Champ in TNA has been simply excellent. I never thought I'd say this, but it's true. MVP being his mouthpiece and Kenny King hangin around Lashley makes it even better.

    So, while it is cool ti have a guy pro wrestle and fight, I wouldn't exactly call it smart considering the unpredictable nature of fighting. It can backfire and then the bed can be shit.
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  4. I've enjoyed Lashley since he came back, idk if they should let him risk injury or even risk the record of a champion..
    However as long as he wins and doesn't fuck himself up while doing so I don't see any HUGE problems with the professional fighting and wrestling being combined.
  5. Yeah, I guess if he gets beat up while holding the belt that wouldn't look good at all. I don't think they need to have him be dominant in MMA to enhance his character honestly, he's been very well booked. Not sure I'd let him do it.
  6. worst case scenario he gets ko'd quick and gets injured.

    best case scenario he wins and continues to look badass.

    Seems like it's a lose / not lose situation really.

    He already looks like a badass so its definitely not worth the risk.
  7. Good post man, you sum up my feelings exactly. If Lashley's TNA reign is going that great, I think it is a huge risk to have him fighting in Bellator. I am a bit surprised to hear how motivated he is as a pro wrestler, because I thought he was more into MMA at this point.

    Hearing all of this confirms my own thoughts that having him fight Kongo is a bad idea. I mean, a loss to Kongo wouldn't be devastating, he is a somewhat known guy and a legit top ~20 HW in the world, but that isn't something you want to be explaining to the pro wrestling crowd. "Don't worry guys, Lashley is the baddest mother fucker in pro wrestling! Well, he got his ass whooped in Bellator last night, but THOSE guys are SUPER tough, so no big deal!"

    Like you say as long as he is winning it is a great way to help boost up this unbeatable badass character, but once he starts to move up the ranks it could backfire quickly.
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  8. I think that they will not mention it if he loses, but flaunt it all of the damn place if he wins.
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