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With the help of Google Earth, an Argentinian man named Marcelo Igazusta has spotted a giant pyramid-like structure in the Mexican seas. As the image of the video went viral, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that this structure is a concrete evidence of the lost city of Atlantis.

Even though the theory surrounding ancient pyramid has become popular after the image went viral, Marcelo Igazusta who spotted this claim that it is an alien UFO that crash-landed into the ocean. According to Marcelo, the shape of the object under the sea is very similar to that of the triangular UFOs which were spotted many times in the skies in the recent past.

Renowned UFO researcher Scott C Waring too noticed the weird images, and soon he concluded that it is a perfect pyramid that measures over 8.5 miles across one side of its base. Scott C Waring assured that this is not a UFO or alien base, but he believes that it is a monumental discovery. According to Scott C Waring, this newly found pyramid might be 8.5 miles in length, and it will be the biggest the world has ever known.

"Even if this is not a UFO that landed in the ocean that was being used as an alien base, it still is a monumental discovery. An 8.5-mile pyramid...biggest the world has ever known, and it's right off of Mexico, near the ancient Mayan and Aztec pyramids," wrote Scott C Waring, reports Daily Star.

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Definitely Atlantis and/or an alien base.


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