Is it time for an X-Division on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 19, 2014.

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  1. Okay, not actually stealing the name, but the concept is something I think RAW desperately needs. It's accepted now that RAW isn't going to go back to a 2 hour show -- which is widely wanted by almost everyone -- because of the money they get from the extra hour. Because of how long the show is, we're continually stuck with filler segments at some point which mean nothing; they usually consist of Fandango matches. The IC title and the US title clearly mean nothing and WWE still has no plans to utilise those divisions, so why not scrap one of them, promote the other as the under-title to the WWE World Heavyweight belt, and have a cruiserweight division filled with fantastic matches?

    Filler segments are fine if the matches are actually of quality and there are some feud there for the crowd to care about. I'm sure it's a perfect division for those vanilla midgets in NXT to showoff their skills without having to work too much on their characters (Adrian Neville comes to mind). Would anyone want to see this again? Sometimes when there are talented wrestlers signed and we all get excited (Zayn for example), we know straight away they're never going to be pushed as world champions (or it's very unlikely), so we're sort of accustomed to the idea that they're forever going to be stuck in the midcard being wasted, like Kofi Kingston for example.

    TNA's X-Division at one point was the main attraction to the product. TNA fans will tell you how damn good that was at its peak and how important it was to the whole company, so don't think it's a concept that has no importance. TNA has let it drop and coincidentally the product isn't as good. If you have more than one division that is thriving, it makes it much easier for the fans to watch for longer periods -- something we really have to do in WWE now with the amount of content they are producing -- and really gives the younger wrestlers a chance to show what they can do without the huge pressures of main eventing.

    Let's discuss this.
  2. It would definitely make the midcard more entertaining.. I would love to see people like Kingston, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, and others get a shot at something other than squash matches.
  3. The Cruiserweight division was quite similar, it gave the guys(like Kid Kash, Funaki, Gregory Helms, Jamie Nobel, Jimmy Wang Yang, etc) who you know wouldn't get a chance to ever go for the main titles a chance to showcase their talents. At one point it was one of the most entertaining aspects of Smackdown. They could always bring it back, but in order for that to happen they need to either unify the U.S/I.C titles in order to make room for the Cruiserweight title, or at least book them to their former glory(lol, like that'd ever happen).
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  4. It generally does get more entertaining than the main event because of the diverse characters mixed with pure wrestling ability. They're traditionally allowed to do more in the ring and CAN do more in the ring, so the matches become incredible more often, which just makes the crowd more anticipated to see them each time they get a segment, which then makes the division more over with the crowd. SEE, IT'S ALREADY BETTER THAN THE US TITLE DIVISION. This would be one of the first things I'd pitch backstage if I had any sort of creative power in WWE. They have a fantastic roster at the moment and many of them could fight in this division.
  5. I think they just need to add more prestige to the mid card titles if anything.
  6. If they were to re-induct the cruiserweight division just imagine who you'd have competing in it: Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Hunico, Curt Hawkins, Xavier Woods, etc. If you give them 10-20 minutes per show, somewhat meaningful feuds, and a title to compete for then it'd be a great way to fill up the shows besides the meaningless filler garbage we get now. Sign me up.
  7. With all due respect Crayo this isnt TNA and WWE dont copy TNA's shitty ideas
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  8. Bringing back the Cruiserweight division is a terrific idea. It's also one of the things that WCW had that got them ahead of WWF all those years ago.

  9. As long as they don't put a weight limit on it then I am game. Putting a weight limit on it will only kill any shots for guys competing in who get over and gain speed to challenge for top belts. Since people will go "lol that smallfry only fits in the x-division".

    TNA's X-division was always at it's best when it was about "no limits" to quote Jerry Lynn, no weight limit, no size limit, no limit to what could be done.
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  10. With all due respect, doll, it wouldn't be a case of WWE "copying" TNA's idea. Cruiserweights have been a feature of wrestling for generations (under a variety of names). In fact, in Mexico and Japan, the "Light Heavyweight"/"Cruiserweight"/"Juniors" Division is often more important than the Heavyweights because more people care about them.

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  11. lmao. Thanks for the respect, I hope you voted "Love you Crayo" :emoji_slight_smile:.
  12. ROH's PURE division was also great fun while it lasted. Had some nifty concepts as well like limited rope breaks. Guys like Punk and Styles broke ground there.
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  13. That'd be pretty fun. They have a lot of filler matches and people lost in midcard hell, why not get some entertaining matches out of it and add some relevance at the same time with such a simple solution?
  14. My cynical self will still say "They'll just screw it up and it'll feel like another useless filler division".

    If you take that away from it, there's literally no reason not to have a Cruiserweight division. None. I don't buy the argument that "it keeps the little guys from ascending to the main events" because it's just like the midcard is now, you can always get pushed out of it if WWE wants to. Who's to say someone like Bryan couldn't have a great Cruiserweight title reign, get really over, and then go for the World Title?

    Side-note: Give the IC belt Option C.
  15. it'd be cool... but the name X-Division sounds like stealing so they need another name...
  16. It would be too embarrassing for Vince because their WWEWHC would qualify for this division.
  17. Unless I'm missing something, it just sounds like any other championship to me if literally anyone of any weight, size or height can win it. The appeal of a Cruiserweight division/championship is supposed to be that it's a title that only smaller wrestlers can win, and because of the agility and speed that smaller wrestlers possess, it's a division that can be guaranteed to deliver quick-paced and high-flying action in every single match.

    I might not mind the resurrection of a crusierweight division or title if it was a big enough division that they handled right. The problem is, they wouldn't handle it right. They buried the fuck out of the Cruiserweight Championship back in the day by putting it on a woman (Jacquelyn), a senior citizen (Chavo Guerrero Sr.), and a midget (Hornswoggle) at various points before vanquishing it, and they would likely do the same this time around. Not only does Vince not seem to care for the cruiserweight division, but if memory recalls, neither does Triple H.
  18. And the X-division (which is being discussed here), was never a cruiserweight division. It was a division with no limits, were matches and wrestlers were supposed to push the limits of what is possible and doable in wrestling. Break new ground and set new standards.

    Samoa Joe is arguably the greatest x-division champ of all time, yet that dude is far from a cruiser weight.

    People who claim the x-division was just a cruiser weight division don't know X-division
  19. It really comes down to how you define "cruiserweight".

    Most people define it by weight, but what TNA did with the X-Division was to define it by style of wrestling. By that same token, the Cruiserweight Division in WWE at its height had guys like Jeff and Matt Hardy wrestling in it. Obviously these guys are not "cruiserweight" in size, but the high-flying manner in which they performed (more Jeff than Matt, obviously)marked them as "cruiserweights" in terms of style.

    If WWE brought in an "X-Division", they would doubtlessly again be called "Cruiserweights" and while most of the guys in the division would be the size of Sin Cara, Primo, and Epico, there would definitely be room in it for guys the size of Kofi Kingston, RVD, etc., who wrestle in the "cruiserweight" style.

  20. They could come up with some wacky name for it other than Cruiserweight and X-Division, I guess. Fun speculation :hmm:
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