Is it true that Ric Flair was really a bit of a racist, according to Theodore Long's experience...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, May 19, 2015.

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  1. with him and Ole Anderson in this shoot interview video?

    After watching a lot of shoot interviews involving Theodore Long, he seems like the type of person who's friendly and would not compulsively lie about his stories with other wrestlers. If that's really the case, then I'm quite shocked. Not only does Ric Flair appear to be fan-friendly based on a few autograph signing video's I've seen of him but he seems to have a lot of respect for a wrestler like The Rock(Who's half black half Samoan) back when he worked with him for a little bit in early to mid 2002.
  2. He was a wrestler in the south in the 70's and 80's. Damn right he was a bit racist most likely.
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  3. He was actually born in Tennessee and raised in Minnesota. He does reside from a southern state(North Carolina) and did most of his early part of his professional wrestling career there. However, that technically doesn't mean he's a true Southern American man.
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  4. Bro, the south was and still is to a part a bit racist. It's ingrained in the culture, people don't thinkg about it but they do what has "always been done".

    I have no problem believing that Flair and most of the white wrestlers down there in the 70's and 80's were a bit racist
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  5. Well, I never said that racism has stopped in the Southern part of the United States or that I'll stop liking Ric Flair as a wrestler. I still admire and like Ric Flair as a wrestler while focusing less on the negative things about him as a person. Just like I'll still admire and like Chris Benoit as a pro wrestler(you'll probably think I lost my sanity for saying this) and dismiss the atrocity that he committed(killing his wife and son, then suicide).
  6. Who said you had to stop liking Flair as a wrestler?

    It's well known that the guy is a piece of shit (bumms money off of people, a dloppy drunk and so forth), but he's a wrestler. They are all off in some way
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  7. Nobody said any of us has to stop like a wrestler based on their personal lives. However, I know numerous of people who stopped liking Chris Benoit as a wrestler because of his out of the ring tragic atrocity(murder-suicide incident).
  8. Inappropriate as it was for Flair to address him in that way directly and regardless of the times he came up in, I wouldn't call him a full-on racist. He's friends with and has expressed great respect and admiration for quite a few black wrestlers before.
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  9. Forget about Flair, because Dick Murdoch was a KKK member.
  10. Stylin' and Sieg heilin' :woo1:
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  11. Dick was a legit KKK member, hermano. Now, was it because he hated black people or was it because of booze and food, I don't know. Could be both. It's probably both.
  12. Yeah. That's why I wondered if he was genuinely a racist because he's worked with a lot of black wrestlers during his career(Booker T, Tony Atlas, The Rock ,etc.) and he appears to have a lot of respect for The Rock(who's Half Black) when he worked a match with him on Raw in mid 2002.
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    I've actually once read an article about NUMEROUS of pro wrestlers who've accused Murdoch of being a KKK member. I've even heard that The Rock's father Rocky Johnson, once had to kick his ass in self defense because Murdock would constantly try to knock him unconcious(Non-Kayfabe) during their matches.
  14. WCW was the deep south of wrestling.
  15. Been watching flair since the seventies, and I particularly remember a Saturday night broadcast nwa program where he did an angle on Rufus r Jones. He was sitting by the pool with a bunch of hot blondes, and it went like this (who's the man? You are Ric,you are Ric,you are ric!,Rufus Jones wouldn't even talk to that big black bear would you? Ewwwww no way!) And if that ain't racist nothing is!!!!
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