Is Jay Briscoe really a ROH main eventer?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Jay Briscoe is set to face Kevin Steen for the ROH world title at Supercard of Honor next week (unless his separated shoulder forces him out of it). Why has Jay Briscoe so suddenly been moved from the tag team division to the main event? Jay has obviously been with ROH from day one (being one of the last founding fathers left in the company) but he has never really been a big guy in the singles division despite being a very good wrestler and talker. So whilst this move seems sudden, can it be salvaged and Jay made into a real main eventer for Ring of Honor?

    Do you feel like Jay Briscoe can really be a main eventer for ROH or is he just there for Steen to take out a founding father?

    If not Jay, who else would you put against Steen at Supercard?
  2. As you said he is a very good talker and wrestler. Bully transformed himself into main event so anythings possible and Jay is better wrestler then Bully.
  3. True. If Bully Ray can become a main eventer then Jay should be able to. But I think it would need some more build up other than a sudden match with Steen. But it could be the start. Jay could in kayfabe feel like he belonged and start a road to the main event so to speak.
  4. Yeah he needs to be built, obviously he won't win at supercard of honor but i expect it to be a good match and he should look strong.

    Do you think a feud with Mark is likely?
  5. It could be a possibility. Mark and Jay are without a doubt popular on ROH (being there biggest merch sellers if I understand it right) and the feud would lead to some good matches and some good story being told. But would this entail a shift to a more serious character for Mark?
  6. Yeah i don't see them being tag champs for a while and this would be good for both of them and maybe more could come from it with singles pushes if they make the feud work.
  7. Which one of them should turn heel though? Logically Jay should be the heel. He's the big brother, he can say he is tired of dragging his dumb little brother along nad can give Mark some simpy :steiner:
  8. Agree that Jay should be the one to turn heel,would make no sense for Mark to be the one.
  9. Yeah. Going from broderline retarded to evil heel in one go would be a bit too drastic. That would have been like revealing Eugene as the leader of the corporate ministry.
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  10. He needs to drop redneck Kung fu, it's funny sure but I'll never take him serious in ROH with it. PWG is shits and giggles so I'll accept it there, I feel like Cole getting chopped in the dick needs mentioning for some reason now.
  11. Are we talking Mark or Jay now? Mark is the one doing the kung fu.
  12. They both do it don't they? I could have sworn Jay did it at DDT4 on Steen and Generico.
  13. They might both do it but isn't Mark the one it is associated with? Since he's the one whipping out crane kicks and Mr. Miyagi sound effects in ring. Jay has always come of as the more serious brother to me.
  14. I have no idea anymore, Mark is the one with the bigger beard isn't he?
  15. Yup. Jay is the one with lesser beard, longer, better posture and more musculature. I also think he's more tanned.
  16. I think it was the smaller beard one who was busting out the fu on Steenerico anyway if he doesn't do it don't do it and if he does do it stop doing it :steiner:
  17. He's a main event jobber, plain and simple.
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