Is Jericho going to return to WWE?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Dave Meltzer.
  2. So he either will or won't?
  3. #Meltzer

    Not really getting pumped any more for potential Jericho returns. Yes his promos and matches will be great, but we all know the end product; he puts someone over and then leaves for a long period. Normally that's fine but he's done this quite a lot now and it's rather repetitive.
  4. This. The more often and frequently he returns. The more novel and less epic it will become. It will just result in "time for the annual Y2J return" instead of "OMG JERICHO! I LOVE THAT GUY!"

    Chris should take a long time off from the WWE, at least a full calendar year before returning. If he wants to return for a short while, let it be as something else than in ring action, have him in a backstager, as a guest commentator, I'd even take Fozzy playing on a special episode of RAW.
  5. Fozzy is the worst thing to have happened in his career. At least from our perspective. If it didn't take off I'm sure he'd be wrestling more than he has been.
  6. He has all day to come up with this shit, yet uses the word stuff and has an unnecessary ellipsis. Stupid MF
  7. Fozzy sucks.
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  8. Couldn't agree more, I don't think he's a good singer personally. Should've stuck to what he does best. Lionsaults :smug:
  9. Well, I'd like to have Jericho back. Yeah, he's left and returned quite a few times but I'm down. Probably because I didn't see his first return, but anyway.
  10. His last "return" was lackluster and pointless.
  11. Not jericho's fault he had shitty angles.
  12. Yeah, Jericho's last run was pretty bad. Thought he was winning the Rumble, Sheamus. Thought he was winning the Chamber, no. Hoped he'd win the WHC, Sheamus. Hoped he'd win MITB, Cena (these I knew he wasn't winning but was still cheering for him so whatever) and then when he had to lose vs Ziggler he won. Pretty bad booking.

    Although it was pretty cool when he kicked the flag :lol1:
  13. Didn't they have some disagreements after he left?
  14. I find it hilarious how many people hate on Fozzy/hate on Jericho for Fozzy

    vicious haters. Jericho isn't your jester, let him have a life outside of wrestling
  15. This * and the fact that you want him back ASAP. He has time outside WWE, great. He isnt going to stay the same age forever, have him do both and put younger stars over, and enjoy it. If he took 4 years off and came back at 40+ I wouldnt mark bigger than if he even came back 3 times a year.
  16. No more Jericho returns, No more Rock returns and etc. I wish the WWE would stop bring back superstars form the past and focus on the superstars of today.
  17. I don't hate Jericho or hate him for having a band and doing shit outside WWE.
    I just think his band is utter shit. :pity:
  18. I will agree and disagree. I agree on the point where the spotlight shouldn't be on the old superstars, but I think they should use guys like Jericho, Rock, Brock, Taker and HHH to put the young stars over. But since they're normally there to beat new guys or wrestle each other, yeah, the returns are mostly for nostalgia, ratings and high buyrates in the short term.
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