Is John Cena the last Mega Star?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Franklin, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. John Cena is at the top of the world with The Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, and many other legends. Is he the last of his kind? CM Punk did spark interest in the company. I would not say he is currently at the Mega Star level. In fact nobody in recent WWE history has come close to Cena's star power. I would not even consider Orton to be a Mega Star. He is nowhere near Cena's popularity and household name.

    Back in the day Mega Stars were born very often. The Rock, Stone, and The Undertaker became Mega Stars one after another. Brett Hart, Hogan, and Macho Man became Mega Stars within the same time period. Now we have Cena, and Cena, and Cena. Yep, nobody is close to Cena.

    Do you think John Cena may be the last big thing in the WWE?
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  2. If Batista had stuck around, he might be close to Cena's level at this point. He would have almost certainly got a match with The Rock. The negative thing there though is that it might have been him instead of Punk, and I'd rather have Punk/Rock than Batista/Rock. So it all works out best that he left, even though Batista is awesome (especially after he bashed Cena and The Miz in an interview, saying he thought they were corny and couldn't care less about them. That always earns points from me.)

    Anyway, the notion that there will never be another mega star is ridiculous. People used to think for years that Hogan was such a one of a kind star that no one would ever have the kind of impact he did. Even after Vince switched the belt to other guys briefly, he went back to Hogan in early 1993 and tried to give him one last run (like he did two years before after Warrior flopped as champ) until Hogan realized wrestling had gone into a cold spell (and no one was drawing at all, really) and decided to leave. What followed is what I'd consider the "dark ages" of the WWF, despite a lot of good/great matches in the mid-90's. But then, Austin arrived and turned the business upside down. And The Rock came later, who rivaled Austin's popularity and became just as big of a star as Austin did. Sometime later, Cena (and Batista) came along, etc.

    Point is, everyone has their time but it doesn't last forever. It's like Cena said in his promo to Vince a week after Punk's infamous shoot (after he named off all the top guys) about how everyone is replaceable. Cena is still the main guy and the Cena era still lives on but this Wrestlemania, he'll be the top for eight years, pretty much the same length of time Hogan was at the top before his WWF run was up. The way the universe tends to work things out, I feel it's only a matter of time (no more than a year or two) before we get another star as big as Cena, and that person will end up being his replacement (not saying Cena will retire in that time frame, he still has at least another 3-5 years left, in my opinion.)
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  3. Yeah, what Klockard said, everything is replaceable, but as long as Cena does the job done, there is no need to replace him.
  4. Cena happened to be the right guy at the right time and once he retired, another will take his place. He may not last as long as Cena but there will always be a top 3 in the WWE. Most people would say its Cena, Punk and Orton... But I think Daniel Bryan is more popular right now then Orton. Ziggler and Ryback are up there too. I can see Ziggler and Ryback being in the top three in a few years. Cena will be retiring soon. I would give him 4 more years tops then he will start to decline... He will do less, and less and less. Punk is also at the top of his reign. He will probably decline and retire in 3 to 4 years as well. Specially since he keeps getting injured. I think he is only signed till 2016. Anyways... No Cena will not be the last, but he may have the strongest reign for quite some time after he retires.
  5. AW: Is John Cena the last Mega Star?

    I think the difference between cena and hogan is that cena gets other wrestlers over (sometimes) and doesn't seem to have such a big head.

    I dont think that macho man could have a historic title reign, when Hogan was on top. See how many times cena jobed to Punk. Hogan would have never done this (clean or not).

    You can like cena or not (i dont like his character), but you can not deny that he is a company man...
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  6. I think the business is changing so much that in 4/5 years time there won't be a need for "Mega Stars". The company gets enough exposure from guys like Sheamus, Punk, Show etc appearing on talk shows, news channels etc on a daily basis that appeals to fans and the younger generation that really, Mega star isn't needed.
  7. He's not the last one. He's the only one we have today, but nothing stops them from creating new ones. Except for the fact that they seem to enjoy putting part timers against each other or Cena for good guyrates in the present, but that's another story.
  8. Not at all, but I have no idea who is going to replace him.
  9. He's replaceable, defiantly. However, it's going to be hard to find the appropriate replacement.
  10. The next time the business changes, ie Attitude Era to PG era, a new mega star will emerge.
  11. I just can't envision WWE ditching this era at all. I think we're here for a while.
  12. And nobody did have the kind of impact that Hogan did, not Rock not Stone Cold not Taker not Cena. Hogan will forever be the Greatest Of All Times imo, you can rant about that man being selfish as much as u want, but theres no denying hes just the GOAT.

    On topic, yes new super stars will always keep coming, but it will take time, it took Cena 4 years to become the star and reach the top of popularity.
  13. Yeah I dont see anyone going in to replace Cena but at the same time, when he leaves the fans are going to migrate to whoever WWE puts in his place and become the next mega star. I just hope that person isn't Sheamus. I could see one of the guys from The Shield in that spot.
  14. They'll go back to TV-14 eventually. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in less than 2-3 years. We're already heading into our fifth year in the PG era. Nothing stays the same forever, and this era where WWE caters to kids will prove to be it's own era but not a permanent one, in my opinion. I don't feel it's completely necessary though since you don't need to change the rating to have a more mature product, unless you have a certain superstar (like Austin) or angle that catches fire and causes an increase in business that wouldn't be the same in a PG environment.

    No disagreeing there, was just pointing out that no one ever thought wrestling would be as popular again as it was in the 80's, but then the Attitude Era happened. Austin and The Rock aren't ahead of Hogan but definitely up there close to him, especially if we only count Hogan's WWF run.
  15. No. SCSA is the GOAT, the Rocky, then Hogan. You can rant all you want, but at the end of the day you have an opinion, and it doesnt mean shit.
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  16. The only one I could see carrying a company is Reigns tbh, Ambrose will never be the guy IMO, same as Rollins although he could well be a Hardy style guy I suppose.
  17. Yep, i agree totally. TNA would have to skyrocket to a 2.8 avg or maybe even better to convince WWE it's worth going to TV-14...and that is sadly doubtful.
  18. Austin was the best performer of the three imo but Hogan built two dynasties ( the WWF would have blown up without him imo but that's not relevant as he was still the guy who was the poster boy, WCW without Hogan was never challenging IMO.) If we're discussing impact solely no one can touch Hulk.
  19. Nope.
  20. By looks yes but i could see Ambrose being the next big anti-hero
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