Is John Cena trolling us on purpose?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. After his win, shaking the hand of the guy with the "we hate Cena" shirt, and standing smiling next to him while yelling "we are going to wrestlemania".

    He did the same after his WM26 match against Batista, imo it just proves how much of an assh*le the guy really is.

    Despite being a big Punk fan I wasn't all that much upset about Rock winning than that fluke and disgusting win of Cena.
  2. Yes, yes he is. He watches us when we are sleeping, he goes inside our dreams and gives us nightmares. Cena goes onto WWEForums and sees what we truly hate, then he makes it happen.
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  3. He always does that when he wins big matches. He's not an asshole for making fun of one guy man. :dawg:
  4. lol It doesn't make him an asshole, he's just trolling his "haters." We shouldn't take it seriously if we don't expect him to take it serious that we love to boo the hell out of him.

    The "We Hate Cena" t-shirt is kinda funny in itself. You buy the shirt to show how much you hate Cena, even though by doing so, you're putting money in the guy's pockets. WWE and Cena probably sit back and laugh at anyone who falls for the trick.
  5. He just makes me sick everytime he pops on my TV screen, I really hope to live up to see the day when he'll finally start putting other talents over.

    I hate him, I have never hated any superstar in the WWE more than I hate him now, a face should never troll his haters, it's pathetic.

    Their job is to listen to what the universe want and try to do it, not listening to what we want and do the exact opposite just to troll us or make us mad.

    And the scary thing now, is that we will have to sit through another fu*kin boring lame reign of his after WM.
  6. Cena is everything.
    Cena is McMahon.
    Cena manages
    Cena makes the T-shirts
    Cena is the booker.
    Cena is Crayo.
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  7. Then you'd love this guy
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    :jack: :brother: :dude: :hogan: :touchyourdaughters?NawItouchmyown:
  8. Even Cena haters are down to get a picture with him. Real talk
  9. He's done this for ages, he copes with the hate wonderfully.
  10. He's not trolling you. You're trolling yourself.
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  11. I just can't handle it :upset:
  12. AW: Is John Cena trolling us on purpose?

    It probably passes as making the character edgier in McMahon an Cenas head...
  13. RE: AW: Is John Cena trolling us on purpose?

    Lol this made me laugh, you're probably right.
  14. I've been told by my friend that guy who wears the "We Hate Cena" shirt is pretty much always there. The same guy, the same shirt, the same Cena trolling that same guy. Unless the guy secretly works for the WWE and is there purposely, then that guy has some serious issues always being there having nothing better to do than to hate Cena. That's what I'm told though. If I were Cena, I'd do the same thing, tbh. The guy isn't even close to being the worst wrestler ever and he's treated like he is. That's some bullshit if you ask me.
  15. I fumed when he won woke my gf and my mate up screaming obscenities at the tv lol.
  16. This is not the first time he does, he did it after his match with Batista at WM26, no force in this universe can convince me that he isn't trolling us. lol

    You can feel him trolling while cutting promos, you can feel him trolling while wrestling in a match, we should be adding Cena troll face smiley here. lol
  17. I know what you mean like that shit when he says "all in days work" after winning a match acting like the match was nothing. Cena just thinks he's cool and funny when he's not. It's pretty pathetic actually.
  18. So? We are Cena too?!?!?
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  19. If I was Cena I would have jumped from the top of Khalifa tower. :nogusta:
  20. But if you commit suicide you become the new Chris Beno... I mean Krispen Wah
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