Is John Cena's Popularity Genuine?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. I came across this discussion while watching a video on YouTube.

    I've been reading reports that the reason John Cena dominated Wyatt on RAW was because Vince McMahon believes if he didn't get an automatic rebound that his fans will lose faith in him. Just like in 2012 how Cena beat Brock Lesnar despite getting killed in the entire match.

    If Hogan, Austin, Hart, Rock and Michaels can all take a major loss, and not rebound all while keeping their popularity, why can't Cena? Is the only reason he's as popular as he is now because he was pushed like a face for so long?

    So the question is, Do people like John Cena or do they like his role? Is his spot in the WWE the only thing most of his fans enjoy/like about John Cena?
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  2. When did Hulk Hogan take a major loss? When did Shawn Michaels take a major loss?
    When did Hart or Austin take a major loss? I doubt either of those men were 'killed' by a guy who only wrestles 3 times a year max.

    The only way to know for sure is to allow it. If not, ask the people wearing his merchandise.
    Why are people legitimizing John Cena critics who aren't even John Cena fans? Furthermore John Cena is not and will never be a critical success.

    Popular comes from the latin word 'popularis' or 'populus', which translates to people.
    Contrary to common thinking popularity isn't positive or negative. Popularity is people. People react to him and people wear his gear. Ask KMart.
  3. Rock's losses to Triple H in 2000 were his major loses.
    Austin's losses to The Rock, Undertaker and Kane were his major losses.
    Hogan's losses to The Giant, Yokozuna and Brock Lesnar were his major losses
    Michael's losses to Sycho Sid, Steve Austin and The Undertaker
    Bret Hart's loses to HBK, Yokozuna and other Camp Cornette members.
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  4. Neither of those were major losses were their credibility were put into question in terms of the level at which they failed to compete.
    Hogan did lose handily to Brock Lesnar and The Giant when he was well into his 40's. Once Hogan lost to Lesnar his time on top had looong passed.
    A major loss isn't the same as being dismantled and appearing completely outclassed.
    Vince has never allowed his major star to be totally decimated by one person at a major PPV such as Summerslam. Never.

    This situation is unique.
  5. How many of those were clean? Bret vs HBK was a passing of the torch kind of match, at least it was planned to be. Hulk was old against Brock and a heel against The Giant. HBK was a heel against Austin at WM at least plus another passing of the torch moment. This seems to be a common issue most of the losses you listed were either out of prime drawing years, passing of the torch moments or during a heel run. Not comparable to Cenas current situation. Vince is being overprotective of him sure but this doesn't prove that.
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  6. If you include Cena Sucks followers then hell yeah he is. I know that seems off but those who hate him make as much noise as everyone else with that chant giving him in a way overness and popularity.
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  7. I have no idea what you're trying to ask in the OP but I will say that Vince was completely moronic for what he did on RAW. Cena is going to lose his popularity if he doesn't come back strong? Fuck off. He was gone 1 week and they had already announced the rematch the week before on Main Event.

    Just Vince being Vince.
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  8. Well, of course his popularity is genuine, duh. He wouldn't have maintained the spot he's held for the past decade if it wasn't. It's just that WWE are way too protective of him at times and fear that his popularity is gonna suddenly fall off if he takes too many losses in a row. This was probably one of the reasons Cena defeated Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules two years ago because they feared his fans (specifically the children) were so fickle that they might have given up on him if they had to watch him lose two big matches in a row. All in all, Cena's squash of the Wyatt Family could perhaps be taken as a good sign that Lesnar is retaining at NOC. Vince's long-term thinking might be that if Cena just seemed like the same old Cena heading into NOC and then ended up taking yet another loss to Brock there that his fans could lose faith, so might as well book him as strong as possible if he's gonna end up eating another loss soon.

    If we're being fair though, it's no different than how Hogan, Michaels, Bret, Austin and Rock were all booked. How many clean losses did they take at the height of their careers? Hardly any. And they certainly never took as clean of a loss as Cena did at Summerslam, or arguably even as much of a one-sided beatdown as he took at Extreme Rules 2012. Hell, none of them have taken as clean or as quick of a loss as the one Cena did at No Way Out 2009 either. Go check it out.
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  9. its all smoke and mirrors lads. look at the merchadise graph, everytime they put the strap on orton, sales go up. Orton puts food on tha table

    Cena is a crappy attempt to try and get mainstream morons to watch WWE.
  10. As Cloud said, The fans only give him what he wants. He adores the "Let's Go Cena, Cena Sucks" chants. I would say his popularity is very genuine, and very out there.
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  11. Oh I just shared that in the Wyatt vs Cena thread. All McMahon's decision it seems.
  12. He was only starting a discussion, get off the guy's back.
  13. Uh, what?
  14. Get off the guy's back. He was merely opening up for discussion. If you believe it's a stupid topic, don't bother answering.
  15. I suggest you re-read my post
  16. I like John Cena plenty, including his endeavors outside of the ring.. I actually like him more when he's not in the ring. I do have to say that I believe his popularity is very genuine and is not simply based on his position in the WWE.
  17. You told him to 'f*** off'.
  18. Where?
  20. I think it's more about his predominant fanbase. The majority of his fans seem to be young children who probably have a very short attention span. If he's not winning frequently or ever so often, I think the WWE would run the risk of the novelty of John Cena to wear off with his kid fanbase.
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