Is Kelly Kelly a Zombie?

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    I've been looking at a lot of her photos recently for some reason. I'm almost 100% convinced she is a walking zombie. If you look at her eyes, you can see that she has no soul. It's actually quite frighting to me. I HAVE to know what others think. Do you think she is a zomb? Or do you think she just has the misfortune of the stripper dead eye?

    zombie comparison (open)

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  2. Zombies look more alive than her tho
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  3. :true:
  4. I would rather a zombie.
  5. You'd probably have less chance of catching something from fucking a zombie than you would her.
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  6. Would still bang fuck the haters
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  7. does your wife know that you would throw away your marriage for a night of wah wah wahhhhhhh passion with a soulless 6-at-best?
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  8. I've had worse
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  9. Everything makes perfect sense now! No wonder BLFFL likes her!
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  10. Hey, shut up!
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  11. just saying. you wouldn't hit it and neither would I, just for different reasons.
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  12. How do you become that dead behind the eyes? How is it even possible?
  13. Suck that many dicks I'm sure that's bound to happen
  14. I see this in a lot of famous people's pictures/videos - they look like they are dead. I think it has to do with photo shopping the hell out of pictures and editing the crap out of videos.
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  15. Its a valid medical condition.

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  16. I just think she is a zombie. A dead eyed souless stripper zombie
  17. Doesn't her eyes and whole expression resemble a vampire more than a zombie? I almost get the feelings you'd see fangs if her mouth opened just a tiny bit...
  18. Did I miss the whole Kelly Kelly craze in WWE or what? Was that her in ring name? Never saw her, but it sounds like it might have been a good thing.

    EDIT: Good thing to miss, just clarifying
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  19. lol What craze? Just about everyone remembers her for being the notorious locker room whore. That's her legacy, basically.

    I also remember her for being the dumb ass stripper who took forever (like literally 2-3 minutes) to take her own bra off when she was teasing people with a striptease on the very first ECW show back in 2006.
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