Is KENTA going to WWE?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. I don't see the point. His only real asset as a worker is being a stiffster badass and WWE wont let him do that shit.

    otherwise WWE has plenty of vanilla midgets already. not to mention the ones they have speak engrish
  2. American wrestling fans generally don't give a shit about most any Japanese wrestler, so he's best staying where he's at.
  3. He doesn't even do cool shit like Ultimo Dragon of Jushin Liger. fuck him
  4. He should stay in japan much better for his career.
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  5. He's a fan of WWE and always wanted to perform for them one day, and will make more money there if they come up with the rumoured cruserweight show for the Network. He's done it all in NOAH anyway, he even got a 1-year long reign as GHC Heavyweight Champion to cure some of his lifelong heavyweight complexes.
  6. It was overhyped, KENTA announced that he just wanted to work out and never even tried out.

    He will finish the year with NOAH.

    東京スポーツによれば、今年1月1日付で年間契約を結んでおり、3月8日の有明コロシアム大会も4月のタッグリーグ戦も参戦予定だという。初めて間接的な がらKENTAのコメントが入ってきた。KENTAは「違う環境で練習したかった。何か刺激を得られると思ったので」とその理由を話した。KENTAは 週明けに帰国予定だという。本人の口からの説明が待たれる。
    According to Tokyo Sports, KENTA signed one year deal with NOAH on January 1st. He will participate in March 8th Ariake show and Tag League in April. KENTA said he wanted to train in different environment. KENTA will come back to Japan on Monday.
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  7. I wanted to see him vs Brock for the lulz.
  8. According to Dave Meltzer, KENTA will make an announcement on Monday at Pro Wrestling NOAH's show at Korakuen Hall regarding his future in pro wrestling.
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