NFL Is Kyler Murray worth it?


The Showoff
A Forbes op-ed by Steve Silverman makes the case that Kyler Murray is, indeed, worth the 1st pick overall in the draft and could even be better than Baker Mayfield. Silverman notes, "His ability to throw the deep ball is at least as good as Mayfield's and most likely a little better," and "Murray has Steve Young-type running ability and he will excel at escaping pressure."

Should Kyler be drafted that high? While he had a tremendous college career it was one season.

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The IIconics
I think he'll be very similar to Alex Smith, but will throw the ball deep more.

Baker will be a top 3 QB within 5 years... Murray won't.

Black Wizard

I don't like to hype up any QB coming out of college. Not after JaMarcus Russell.

Baker Mayfield has a good arm but he also had a pair of pretty dangerous receivers to throw to, and now they've added Odell Beckham to that roster so this is going to be a good season through the air. If Arizona drafts him and doesn't address their receivers, his best target is a moderately declining Larry Fitzgerald. People hype QBs way too much, they can have the best arm in the world but it doesn't matter if they don't have receivers that can get open or they're constantly under pressure because the O-line is awful. Maybe I like to pick on them too much because it's my hubby's team, but look at Joe Flacco. Got called elite because he had one of the best lines in football and Torrey Smith, Ed Dickson, Dennis Pitta, Anquan Boldin etc to throw to. Those guys all leave and he gets exposed.

Personally I'm just happy with anyone not taking Nick Bosa. 49ers are probably going to steal him, but if he could somehow fall to the Raiders it'd be a great step in building the defense back up.
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