Is leaving Sasha Banks off of WWE TV a bad decision?

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  1. Despite being the most popular woman on the Main Roster, Sasha Banks has been largely absent on television since WrestleMania. As of now, there are still plans for her to win the Women's Championship at SummerSlam against Charlotte. Now, it's obvious that the WWE wants to protect Sasha. However, keeping her off of TV could damage her popularity to the point of no return. Banks should be built up slowly and expertly on her way to the title. Fans will get even more behind her than they already are and the fans will want the title off of Charlotte even more.
  2. No. I expect Charlotte to retain this weekend cleanly against Natalya. When she's feeling on top of the world, Sasha will return to bring her back down to reality. Not having had her on TV much lately will add impact to this when it happens.
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  3. Sasha is hurt all of the time so yeah, keeping her off TV is good.

    Push Lynch, she is the superior female
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  4. I read that they're doing this for "storyline reasons" so I guess they have something big planned for Summerslam and I'm pretty sure it will pay off once she comes back.
  5. I think it's a bad decision from a ratings standpoint. Sasha's clearly ridiculously over and not having her on TV simply annoys the fans. As for hurting her popularity, maybe a little, but nothing too damaging. Don't forget Sasha wasn't on TV too much during the early days of the "Divas' Revolution" and crowds chanted for her nearly every show.
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  6. I like her, but I haven't missed her at all tbh. So for me it hasn't been bad.
  7. There's no evidence for Sasha being a ratings draw tho.
    And if she's hurt (she has a ton of niggling injuries that she is denying despite being spotted at hospitals by fans) she should not be on TV and risking further injury until healed.
  8. She's working a full house show schedule, so these nagging injuries that she probably has may not be bothering her too much.
  9. She's in multi woman matches more than she isn't, limiting her work. That's a telltale sign of something being wrong if there is injury rumors flying about.

    Besides, who thought Vince was going to push her above Charlotte to begin with?
  10. There haven't been any injury rumors for over a month now. Also, being in multi woman matches doesn't mean anything.
  11. They're supposedly keeping her off television until it's time to build a program with Charlotte for Summerslam. Which might be for the better considering there's not really much for her to do if she isn't feuding for the Women's Championship. The women's division isn't exactly deep at the moment, if you aren't feuding for the title, you're likely not doing anything of interest. At least when she returns from a several month hiatus, it'll likely be to a huge reaction.

    They could have at least done an injury angle with Charlotte before taking her off television (I know she's still working house shows, but those aren't canon anyway), but whatever. WWE Logic.
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  12. There's absolutely no reason to put her on TV right now.. There's enough garbage going on in the women's division. No reason to mix Sasha up in this shit.
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  13. So you're saying that Sasha is garbage.
  14. I believe that's what you just said.
  15. A little bit of both...

    It's bothersome that it wasn't explained. It doesn't suit Sasha's character to just beat up Summer and disappear after getting screwed out of the belt by Ric at 'Mania. Guess it's too much NXT but the lack of attention to detail there is bothersome

    Otherwise, absolutely. I assume they were building to her return to do tags with Dana and Emma, but that's a massive waste of a return pop, and working random tags just makes her feel less special. From that standpoint, why not keep her out?

    Also in play here is reading the wrestling audience in 2016, the fans have collectively decided that "aight, Summerslam is Sasha's time, yeah!"... What if they don't do that!? What if, say, Maryse returns to the ring for a big SS match? What if Nattle gets another shot or... Oh boy, Eva Marie... While Sasha's on the sidelines?... That seems to be the formula to make the biggest womens' star ever, isn't it?
  16. You alluded to the fact that Sasha returning would make the Women's Division worse off than it already is.
  17. Don't even bother debating with this guy. :haha: Welcome to WWEF!
  18. If she's dealing with injuries like it's being speculated, then yeah.

    Ignore him. He's a silly little troll.
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    WWE is obviously struggling to deal with the sudden influx of capable women performers on the roster who can actually engage in some sort of prolonged engrossing feuds. Now it's understandable that they wouldn't book multiple women PPV feuds but that shouldn't deter from building up programs other than the title programs. What they can actually do is to build up matches taking place in the high card of RAW/Smackdown. Book them in the penultimate segment in a match which actually has been built up to command some semblance of importance. I'd much rather have 4 segments building up to the eventual match even if it's on a weekly show than having the same match wasted in 2 mins. matches for 4 weeks. The atrocity of a feud that was Ziggler-Owens earlier this year which was basically built up on only having thousands of meaningless matches just highlighted the importance of actually building up matches than spamming them at every opportunity.
  20. These kind of angles have a small opportunity window to be executed right. So it's can be a good thing, but if they don't execute it at just the right time, it will backfire.

    Keeping Sasha Banks off TV, and allowing Charlotte to run down all the major face competitors for the title, when it comes to the point where she's essentially injuring the faces. Even heel turned face can't stop Charlotte, and if they keep Sasha Banks off TV or to a minimal amount of TV time, the crowd will get behind her. When she makes her break through into the title scene, it would be amazing. It could be great for Sasha's run.

    But if they keep her to a midcard role for a long time, and not really giving her the spot and time to get the crowd behind her. Much like Mankind/Mick Foley in 2000. They wanted him to get this hero's welcome despite being gone for 3 weeks, after a title shot. It was horribly booked. If she was given the Daniel Bryan type push for the title, it would be good.
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