Is Lil' Jimmy real?

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  1. Which do you believe

    Lil' Jimmy is real, the evidence proves it.


    Lil' Jimmy is just a figment of R-Truths imaganation
  2. Obviously real. WWE posted pictures of him.
  3. Lil' Jimmy is a storyline tool written by the wwe writers. But in kayfabe he would be a figment of R-Truth's imagination
  4. When Truth was a heel it was nice. Now it's just embarassing.
  5. Little Jimmy is real, I've seen him on several occasions assisting R-Truth to the ring. This one time Miz kicked him in the face, and he went flying.
  6. That was Daniel Bryan. :facepalm:
  7. Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Hunico, have all kicked Little Jimmy, IIRC.
  8. But when he went flying it was Daniel Bryan.
  9. :notsure: I'm not sure then either way, he got kicked in the face and it was good.
  10. He obviosly is real. I've seen him so many times in the crowd and assisting R-Truth to the ring. WWE even did send pictures of him, so the evidence proves he IS real.
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  12. Lil-Jimmy is real and he is on WWE Raw
  13. Definitely real, future WWE champ.
  14. if u don't belive that ask kofi
  15. He's on the roster Page also. He's got to be real.
  16. How old is lil jimmy supposed to be? wasn't there a picture of him graduating? lol
  17. I don't know-I think R. Truth may be a little "schizophrenic"-lol,only schizophrenics talk to thin air and have imaginary friends(well aside from little kids that is)-lol.
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