Is me on hurting my youtube channel?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. My viewer is way down from what use to be.
    From my 1st doing video on YouTube Jan 1, 2010 – Dec 31, 2010 I had
    Engagement: Views 22,814, Likes 277, Dislikes 86 Comments 1205, Favorites added 72, Shares was not around back then, Subscribers 466
    Jan 1, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011 I had
    Engagement: Views 33,580, Likes 426, Dislikes 284 Comments 2745, Favorites added 89, Shares 2, Subscribers 171
    Jan 1, 2012 – Dec 31, 2012 The year I join I had Engagement: Views 23,071, Likes 255, Dislikes 186 Comments 1394, Favorites added 35, Shares 11, Subscribers -69
    This year (Jan 1, 2013 – Jun 14, 2013) I had Engagement: Views 9,017, Likes 62, Dislikes 59 Comments 355, Favorites added 7, Shares 1, Subscribers -11
    what am I doing wrong here? I have so much draw before back in 2010 and 2011 and in the begin and now I have over 700 subscribers and am not get anyway? and I have better resource now then I had back then? so what am I missing heere?

  2. Me :yay: every successful white guy needs something black
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  3. can u get me a really answer not the joking answer. I want my channel get back to what it one was.
  4. Your videos are boring quite honestly. No one wants to continously hear about how much you love CM Punk in every video besides every punk mark. It's cool though, I imagine i'd be the same if I made wwe vids with DB, but atleast I wouldn't expect people to watch it.
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  5. uh I don't just do cm punk video. I did anime,nfl, video game review. and I did other wwe wrestler beside cm punk.
  6. Well seems like you answered your own question :bitw: Do more of that stuff, and less of that stupid anime junk
  7. anime get view though. when I toonmai video I got more 1000 viewer then I do with wwe view. so I would pull away for anime. and 50% subs are anime fans so not be a good thing. its the wwe video that are not drawing.
  8. Add more then just talking and try not to make them so long.
  9. Well, I dont know why.. but If you ask why are you doing wrong here:

    1. That stupid gimmick you have
    2. Not listening to everyone
    3. CAPS
    4. At the end of every single post :pipebomb:
    5. We know you're straight edge and you only only girls. If someone laughs at you, ignore him.
    6. Learn to discuss, I mean, If I say Bryan>Punk and I give 100 reasons, you should give me some reasons back. Not just HELL NO! PUNK>BRYAN
    7. Stop screwing things when they arent the way you like it.
    8. Upload an avatar. This one is just because I've been 8 months here and I'm tired of that avatar.
    9. People won't respect you if you dont respect them.
    10. Watch some Bryan's videos, and become a mark. Because the Bryan fever has only started.
  10. Uh I taking about my youtube channel not
  11. Well, shit. Do more sports stuff. I know that would be the only thing i'd be interested in hearing. I'm not a fan of anime and wwe is pre-determined so you going "with your boy" cm punk every ppv isn't exactly un-biased.
  12. uh I pick taker beat him at wm29. nfl maybe something to I could more off since I really ownly do picks during the season. but what can I did for a nfl video during the nfl offseason?
  13. I just wanted say what are you're problems here.

    As for the YT account, If people like anime, give them anime. Sure, you can still make WWE/Other stuff videos, but focus in what draws.

    Maybe, add some effects and comedy in your videos.
  14. Try to do more legit research and back up your statement with facts. Also try to speak loudly and clearly, maybe add some music for some spots in videos, make the area around you bright, try to open your mind and not stick to just CM Punk when doing wrestling related stuff, don't cuss to much, don't repeat the same stuff to much, link your fans to the sources you got when you make statements from your video, don't make your videos so long if all you are going to do is talk, make parts of videos and in the description explain which video talks about what, interact with your fans in videos(giving them shoutouts), don't get overly mad over simple stuff, and get a black guy.
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  15. An opening video (like 5 secs) would be cool.
  16. If you made your video titles interesting. Like Vince McMahon died and it's actually a video of you eating.
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  17. what does a black guy do to help the channel? lol? music is content youtube for copyright. and I not just doing cm punk things.
  18. I really don't know, man.
  19. Video with just a white guy: *sigh* same ole same ole
    Video with a white guy AND a black guy: Woah, this is a swell guy, he has a friend, but a friend with a black friend. This shows he isn't racist and he eats chicken.

    And they won't remove it. I have plenty of videos with songs, just don't choose extremely popular bands, and keep the use of music to under a minute if you're worried.
  20. You're a Titanic, Hogan.
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