Is moving to another network the next logical step?

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    TNA are going through a lot of changes at the moment, going live last spring/summer, going on the road, four ppvs a year and so forth. But is the next logical step for TNA to expand to get off of Spike? Not a single show on Spike seemingly get more than a 2 million viewers. Impact has been the most viewed show on the network for a while and Spike has been very good to the program/promotion. But is it time to set sails for greener pastures?

    Let's look at the numbers:

    Spike is not doing well in the ratings and even if TNA fixed their marketing department they would be performing a miracle if they caught up to WWE's ratings on a network doing so badly. Could moving to another network be the solution? and if so? Which?

    Is Spike possibly holding TNA back?

    Should TNA switch networks and to which?
  2. Think Spike TV has no chance to make Impact Wrestling stay with them.

    If they leave I'd like to see them in ESPN
  3. People will watch on Spike if you tell them too... just like going to a new network won't fix the viewership problem without advertising.

    So to be as dull and redundant as humanly possibly in this section: They. need. to. advertise. more.
  4. - That's a rethorical question, I believe. CNN please!:lol1:

    - IMO, definitely.

    - Big ass yes, to CNN or AMC.
  5. While Spike has been good to TNA and I could understand them wanting to maintain that good relationship, I do think it's time for them to move on to another network. If not now, then pretty soon. To me changing networks around the same time they go on the road just seems like a good idea. They need to move to a network that is more widely broadcast, since Spike is not. Taking TNA on the road means the possibility of reaching more fans and attracting new fans, so it'd be a great time to switch a nationally broadcast network to keep those new fans interested. Knowing that it could / would be a network that tends to already draw more viewers and therefore ratings would be the icing on the cake.

    Disney! :yay: No, but really, I don't care which network as long as it's one that is more widely broadcast than Spike. (Nothing against Spike as I like some of its other programming, but come on.) FX, AMC, TNT .... any of those would be beneficial changes.
  6. But not everyone CAN watch Spike. Everyone CAN watch SyFy and USA Network and ESPN.
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  7. This.

    It does no good to tell someone, "Hey, watch TNA on Spike, brother! :hogan: " when that person cannot tune in to Spike to see the show.

    Advertising would be helpful, sure, but switching to a nationally broadcast network that reaches more viewers would be most helpful first, in my opinion.
  8. I'm not sure, not really well informed, but if they did make the move it'd be interesting if they got to a network that would be as good to them as Spike is.
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