Is Mr. McMahon hospitalized AGAIN?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sooo Kia, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. I get the feeling Vince does this every year. Something seems to happen to him every summer and we don't see him for a very long time. Did Big Show put him out or will Hunter have to come back and fire Johnny on Sunday?
  2. No idea. Hospitalized for a punch Cena will most likely kick out of is so unrealistic though, I hate that.

    I hope he's not for his sake, he was a massive draw this week.
  3. Errrr no......a replay on my Sky+ box in slow motion revealed that he never even made contact

    And it's allllllllllllll no he isn't in hospital
  4. Vince is a brittle old man though. Cena is a strong buff superhero!

    She mean's kayfabe in the hospital
  5. True, always out for some time during the summer. Well, getting hospitalized due to a punch is silly, but I've seen worse.
  6. Are you guys serious? If Big Show really punched Vince full on in the face he would probably be in the morgue, so how is it 'silly' that he would be hospitalized from it?
  7. hi im new. anyway i hope he isnt hospitalized,
  8. Full on and a normal punch is different.
  9. So I guess in a real fight Big Show > Everyone in WWE?
  10. His weapon of mass destruction finisher isn't really supposed to be a normal punch is it? That's what he hit Vince with (well, almost hit him with)


    lol, no. Brock would shove Big Show's head up his own ass if they fought.
  11. I meant from a kayfabe standpoint. Because OK, it normally knocks people out, but it's not like Orton's punt that "takes them out". It just seems weird, but since he's 66, it's OK, I guess.
  12. They could lay this story; "Vince got hit directly on his cranium from an unexpected WMD from the Big Show. Normally it would knock out the person, but since Vince is 66 years old, wasn't expecting to fight, and Big Show put more into this punch then ever before because of his rage at Cena, that he has a concussion and won't be back for sme time."
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  13. There you go, that's a reasonable explanation.
  14. This is true, he did intend to hit John. It might be like throwing a baseball into a fence and someone stepping into it and taking the impact.

    +1 Farooq
  15. Still bogus. We want Vince!
  16. Vince or riot!
  17. Or Paul Heyman
  18. Big Shows WMD > 10 baseballs lol
  19. Honestly Vince wasn't too great in either segment with Ace.. if he isn't playing the evil boss he can stay the fuck out
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  20. Amen! Watching the sadistic, shrewd boss turn into what he did on Raw was really, really sad.
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