Is now apart of RPM Network! Making video since 2010 and still going STRONG!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Gohan6425 is now apart of RPM Network! LONG HARD WORK PAID OFF THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORT ME!

  2. Congratulations, do you get paid or something now buddy?
  3. well let put it this way i have a better change of making money now then i did with youtube partner thing. me on network is like youtube old partnership program. But i can't get in to the detail as i said my video b/c of my agreement i made with RPM.
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  4. If you can start making some decent money, then that's pretty good, but -- and not to shit on your parade -- to me there seems like way less to this than you're making out. In the video it just seems like you applied after receiving an email, which was probably just one of those mass e-mails that they send out to people based on sub count or something, but anyway.

    I'm really glad to see you've started revising videos and jotting down notes before turning the camera on, so you avoid things like cutting off a sentence half-way through to drink a slurpie or mess with the chair.
    Plus, now that you're using notes, you'll never get the name of the company you're promoting wrong like by calling them the RPG network or something stupid like that. Good work on giving everyone the link to their site too, and not just directing them to the description box. I see real improvements in this video Frank.

    I'll subscribe to your button.
  5. lol u think i a using notes? wow i must be good to u b/c i not use any notes still LOL! and no i appy for then about 6 month ago and that said i was not good enough but then not this friday but last friday that said me an e-mail saying i may now quesfile to be part of rpm network and so i appy one i got the e-mail and thne 3 day later that send me e-mail saying i am in. and then the rest in hoistoy.
  6. [​IMG]

    All right, fair enough. But you have to wonder why they would change their mind and what you're going to bring to them. I'll stop dicking you around, but if they do get you to sign any bullshit, make sure you get someone who knows a little about this stuff to read it. As such a small-time channel, you really don't want to go signing any contracts that could essentially give them the right to force any of your future work under their property or the worst outcome, them pulling some shit that makes it illegal for you to provide any video and audio content to a streaming website. Fine-prints are a bitch.
  7. Again, who :kiss::notsure:
  8. hoff you're too new to know who gohan is
  9. grats. you're finally getting paid for sucking cocks.
  10. So that's how you got admin?
  11. Don't give away trade secrets football head.
  12. Does this mean you actually have to wear pants when making videos now?
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. That gif is hilarious.
  15. Just a quick question. Are you going to consider now that you can earn some more cash to pay somebody or trying to edit the videos yourself? I'm not saying you need to be an expert, just cutting those parts as for example when you're drinking. Your videos don't need to be perfect, but they can be way better.
  16. Who the hell wears pants anymore? Pants are over-rated. :jericho:
  17. You weared pants... They are underrated, dude
  18. Once upon a time, The Hoff did infact wear pants. Nowadays, you'll be lucky to ever see me in a pair. No matter where The Hoff is
  19. I don't time to edit video dude. I try what I can I don't use notes it make too hard. I don't time to do that.
  20. Fixed. You're welcome :jericho:
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