Is Paige becoming the John Cena of the Divas division?

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  1. I'm talking in terms of wrestling here... not popularity.

    John Cena = getting the crap beat out of him and then more times than not.. Superman,hit the AA .. 1,2,3 and he wins.
    Paige (since her debut on the main roster) = getting the crap beat out of her.. Supergirl, hit the Paige Turner or submission .. 1,2,3 and she wins.

    On NXT Paige was a wrestler... since her debut on the main roster she's become this unstoppable, I can beat you with one move whether it be the Paige Turner or the Scorpion Cross Lock, type of wrestler.

    The reason I wanted to make this thread is not to put down Paige... she was mildly entertaining in NXT.. she had some good matches... but since she's come to the main roster she has been terrible... her victory in her debut against AJ... the way she "broke" AJ's finisher and countered with her finisher, was extremely weak... there should have been a build up. But now it's gotten even worse. Every single match has now become as I stated above... beat Paige down and then all of a sudden she hits the Paige Turner or locks in her submission out of nowhere.

    My opinion is that I do not believe that WWE trusts her, yet, to perform an entire match of moves... so they have the trusted divas like Tamina, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, and Aksana work with her (carry her) through a match and then job to her. If this is the case, which it seems to be, then why put the belt on her so early? I believe that was a mistake.

    So what do you guys think? Is Paige (in her wrestling style) becoming the Cena of Divas?
  2. Hasn't she only been around for like a month or two? Lets not get ahead of ourselves.
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  3. Exactly my point, now reread my post... my point is that she has not been around long enough to hold the belt. She's been blown up like she's unstoppable.
  4. While that's true, I think he's got somewhat of a point.

    It is early to tell but as of what she's been through it really seems like they are going for a "young, super-girl, John Cena-esque" diva here. Perhaps trying to boost that divisions stock or for whatever reason. But it really seems that over the past few matches with her "amazing one move counters" to win matches that it could potentially happen if the WWE trusts her more.

    Honestly though the one move turnarounds are really obnoxious it's been like 2 and then almost a 3rd in a row but that was like 2 or 3 moves I believe. She's too young to be pulling that shit, maybe if she was a bit more of seasoned vet it would work.
    I wouldn't give it too long should this keep up before I might be even more convinced that this could potentially be what they're trying to do with her.
  5. I have thought the same thing [as in the OP]. I don't want to run her down but her matches have been anticlimactic by the end of it.
    She takes a hell of a beating, and some new moves have been thrown in - such as superplexes.

    I'd like to think that when AJ returns, she and Paige will have a long-run rivalry for the strap and have some damn good matches, since the two of them can actually go.
  6. No, Cena actually has talent unlike Paige.
  7. So far she's been booked that way, yes. And she isn't good at it. Don't see why WWE loves emphasizing weaknesses and covering up strengths as much as they do.
  8. It's way too early to be saying that... better than her squashing the other divas, makes both of them look good.
  9. In all fairness to the generations of pro wrestling babyfaces, it's not like John Cena is the first "superman" in pro wrestling history. The "script" of face gets beat up for 7 minutes, but hits two moves and pins the heel to win the match is as old as the carny days of wrestling.

    As to the OP, I am a little disturbed by the fact that she was booked to win the title on her first night, but, since they did it, they should trust her to wrestle matches, not take punishment and "come out of nowhere" to win. Paige is a talented wrestler and I've said all along that she has a strong possibility of having a great future in the business. For her current situation, it wouldn't surprise me to see WWE try and turn her heel.

    I join Brosnar in hoping that we shortly get a good back-and-forth feud between her and a returning AJ Lee. But that's probably fantasy booking.

  10. Well, as wk said, it's not like babyfaces getting beat up thoughout the match is anything new, but yeah, they're emphasizing it a lot with Paige, and I don't know why. If they don't trust her to deliver a 5-minute match, they're stupid. Seriously, her match vs Emma at ArRival, for example, was the best match in recent memory as far as the divas go (yeah, it's because they never get time usually, but still), how wouldn't they trust her to put on just a 5-minute match? I don't think the problem is a lack of trust as it is the fact they're trying to make her someone who gets beat up the entire match and wins. Although I'm not annoyed by it just yet.
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  11. I've been thinking about this a bit.

    Paige is 21 years old and is, for all intents and purposes, a fluke champion. Maybe they're making her character appear to be lucky, rather than good, at least to some extent, as a way to sell the idea that NXT talent is not always capable of being top-tier talent right out of the gate.

    What if they're setting it up for her to get managed by Paul Heyman, as a way to cement the idea that she's building to be "top tier talent" like he keeps marketing Cesaro.

    That idea's not developing in my head quite as well as it should. That's what I get for taking pain killers before posting on here.

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  12. Don't do drugs kids.
  13. LOL...they're prescription, thank you very much. And they're necessary.

  14. Okay. Don't do Texan drugs, kids.
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  15. she's popular because of her 'fan following' in NXT so that's a plus.
  16. Maybe its WWE's new plan no more SuperCena and a more rounded male division. So the Divas are becoming the superhero fantasy stuff that a few members of creative obviously love.
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    This just sounds like the typical babyface performance to me, the good guy (or gal, in this case) taking a ton of punishment and offense from their opponent before managing to mount a comeback and pull out the victory at the end. People think (as Waco alluded to) that this type of thing somehow started with John Cena, but it's actually been happening pretty regularly since the earliest days of professional wrestling. Did people forget that a superhero like Hulk Hogan used to give this same type of performance? He would usually take the most punishment in his matches before "Hulking Up" (i.e. having a huge surge of superhuman-like adrenaline that wore off all the physical punishment he had just taken over a period of several minutes) and hitting the big boot and leg drop for the victory.

    Also, the complaint with John Cena doing it is that he's been doing it for several years now. You know, "same old shit" and all that. A person can only prevail against all odds so many times on such a frequent basis before the underdog shit becomes tired and predictable. When you win enough big matches over a period of several years, you're not really the underdog anymore, no matter how big your next challenge may seem. With Paige, it's different because she hasn't even been on the main roster for a whole two months yet.
  18. Whilst I'm fine with a babyface taking punishment and making a comeback. The Paige one Monday was overboard it was one flippin move.
  19. I'm not enjoying super Paige at all. Whilst there is some good wrestling, it's pointless using it when it all gets discounted by her using one move.
  20. Paige is in a league of her own she isnt like John Cena
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