Is Paul Heyman creating a new Dangerous Alliance?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Is this really happening? Will Brock, Punk, and the Shield form the new Dangerous Alliance by Heyman?
  2. Would be alright to watch, I suppose. Don't think they're going down that route though. But who knows.
  3. I'm not sure how it would work but that might be pretty dope.
  4. The stable would be a great one as they're all entertaining in their own rights. It would be really enjoyable and by this way they wouldn't have to feud each other to break off. It'd be a nice and interesting stable for sure.
  5. Looks to me like the Shield are mercenaries. Wouldn't shock me if someone else (Cena) hires them to help Rock retain at EC, setting up the triple threat. If that happens, I'll actually enjoy Cena for once.
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  6. That would be great . But I think the shield just want the money . So who paid them for Beating down the thee faces ? Ryder?
  7. I'm so against them just being another group wanting money and beating people up. Give them an actual story, a reason to be supportive of Heyman.
  8. Cena hiring Shield? Sounds good. But if he's to turn heel that whole "can't beat Rock" shtick leading to him beating the crap out of him with a chair at WM to win the belt sounds good too.
  9. He doesn't need to turn heel to do this. He can call it giving Punk "a taste of his own medicine"
  10. Still think it'd be too heelish for Cena. Kids would feel conflicted. :dawg:
  11. Get over it people, Cena will never ever turn heel, he enjoys torturing us with his smiley troll face and lame promos. :upset:
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  12. Le 91 quote.
  13. Which means Cena will be turning heel 5 years from now :jeritroll:

    You had my hopes high man :obama:
  14. It sounds interesting and would be a mighty force so I hope so!
  15. Actually I would prefer if the Shield were attacking heels and faces. I guess if they allign with Heyman, it'd be sick too though.
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  16. My guess is 3, the best thing any one can really hope for is Ryback continues for a few years and catches fire. He's the new Cena it seems.
  17. I'd still take Ryback as the face of the company over Cena.
  18. Cena vs Ryback as the next big feud? Yikes. Imagine the promos.
  19. Yeah right, Cena turns heel and then Stone Cold returns and a new era begins.


    anyway, about that alliance, there was an article there on about that, so it's not happening. Wwe wouldn't spoil something as big as this with an article on their site.
  20. You really think Cena won't turn heel as soon as a new cash cow is found?
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