Is Punk Even a Heel at All?

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  1. I was chatting with a close friend the other day and he's been a long time WWE fan (and I actually got him to sign up recently, though I think he may want to remain anonymous, so I won't tag him) and he told me that he believes that CM Punk is not really a true heel since everyone wants him to be a heel. It got me thinking that it is technically true. The purpose of a heel is for you to hate the shit out of them and want them off your screen, that is not the case with most WWE fans. That is what I'm led to believe. Do you agree with this logic?

    inb4 deth trolls "another Punk thread" :dawg:
  2. When he says everyone wants him to be a heel, who does he mean by "everyone"? If the IWC believes a guy is at his best playing a heel, well, it doesn't really mean anything because we don't matter, but I can't see how the casuals/marks would want a guy to be a heel.
  3. He needs to just be a tweener. He has the same problem as Jericho, even if they were to pick a woman out the crowd and rape her in the middle of the ring, they'd still get pops from their hardcore fans.
  4. That'd get pops from some people who aren't even wrestling fans :ksi:
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  5. Pretty much what R'Albin said, and lol @ Leo.

    He's getting loads of heat at shows though, clearly the casuals can't stand the guy whereas the IWC loves him. Isn't that really the perfect scenario, where casuals buy a PPV to watch the legendary Rock take out that sadistic bastard CM Punk, whereas the smarks buy the PPV to watch their hero Punk go over that part-timer Rock?

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    Well, if smarks bought PPV's that would be the case. :dawg:
  6. There you go.
  7. So Cena is the best heel in the company :haha:
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  8. Haha LOL smarks watch it online!
    Yeah he's a heel but people loves him , same with cesaro , ziggler or sandow. They do it that well that smarks cheer them. The get a lot of cheers whenever they come out.
  9. The IWC is not the majority. The casuals can't stand him, and there are certainly more of them than us. Nearly all heels tend to get cheers from the smarky members of the crowd now, it's something WWE need to realise. The product is outdated with this good guy/bad guy stuff; they need to evolve.

    Punk can't be a tweener because WWE have no idea how to book one.
  10. Does that mean John Cena's the biggest heel?
  11. Kane and taker are tweeners, u could also consider Bryan a tweener
  12. Kane isn't a tweener, neither is Taker, and Bryan isn't either. Team Hell No went from tweener's to faces after they stopped feuding with faces.
  13. Well , they still having matches with faces . E.G sin cara and rey
  14. I put that down to WWE having no one else to put them up against, lol. They aren't feuding with them.
  15. I do think they are gonna be feuding them cuz is the only tag team who could be tag team champs. Taker and Kane are to faces. They just don't care about anything , they are not like Miz , Cena , Kofi... The fans (casuals and smarks) love them cuz they are great , but they are not faces/heels , they are in the middle . I would say the same about Bryan , he's supposed to be against the people , he's just to damn good
  16. The majority of people who watch WWE are probably marks. I think I might be the only one in my city who isn't. Everyone I know personally who watches WWE does not like Punk as he is a "bitch ass nigga". There is a large majority that still boos Punk, women & children for example :haha:
  17. Look at the RR he was still getting cheered and same on RAW as well. All depends on ctowds and whether they are the IWC or casuals.

    I mean Heyman still got cheers and a ECW chant on RAW monday as it was fans who know wrestling and respect him.
  18. Punk's a heel, no doubt about it. Smarks more often than not tend to look past characters and instead look at the quality a wrestler performs at for when they decide who to cheer or not. Obviously Punk, who works a high quality ring and mic style, is going to get cheered by smarks.
  19. Isn't he an anti-hero?
  20. When was the last time you watched? The moment you start beating up clear cut face characters like Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler (as well as threaten to beat Jerry to death) you are a heel. Punk has been heel since August.
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