Is Punk getting face pops becoming a problem?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. With this latest example of CM Punk was beating Taker down with the urn, this really should be discussed. The crowd chanted for Punk non-stop. He had to dump the ashes to get the crowd to turn on him. He was getting cheered against Cena, and getting face pops against The Rock of all people!

    It's safe to say Punk's great at performing the heel role, but the crowd can't stop cheering the guy. How much of a problem is this?
  2. It isn't a problem, it's similar to A Double in TNA ironically enough. Replace Taker with Hardy, Rock with Sting and Cena with some other person i can't think of. If he's cheered so what? Let him be a tweener, it'll open up feuds galore and we get what we want, an uncastrated Punk
  3. he should be getting cenas reaction minus the boring chants
  4. "The ashes" yes,how gullible we are
  5. Punk NEEDS to be a tweener. The role that he had for like 3 weeks match in the summer -- that launched his success for Christ sake -- is the role he should have. He had insane pops then and was fantastic in his role. For those who don't know what I'm on about:




    This is where he should be when he returns from Wrestlemania after his long break (hopefully). Too many of the male fans cheer him because heels are far more entertaining than faces. Who would you rather cheer if you're a somewhat hardcore wrestling fan, CM Punk or John Cena? Punk could be that tweener/anti-hero type face that needs to exist in WWE.
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  6. WWE seriously blew it by not making him an ''Anti-Hero'' during that period. Idiots. lol.

    To answer the question, I don't think it's bad, though it is kinda strange since he was "disrespecting" a dead guy, lol. But at least he gets a reaction. Something 95% of the roster can't do.
  7. Punk is no longer the respect character now. He's now just a sadistic selfish hypocritical heel who thinks he is the BITW.
  8. Uh k. Not talking about his gimmick, but how he's disrespecting Paul Bearer.
  9. How's it strange then? I presumed you meant it was strange because Punk moans about a lack of respect but gives no one else respect.
  10. Because Paul Bearer recently died? And Punk's basically shitting on him and Taker (kayfabe) yet he's still getting pops/chants/whatever. Kinda funny actually, lolz.
  11. Oh I see, blonde moment. It shows how stale and crap the other faces are that Punk gets pops when swimming in Paul Bearers "ashes".
  12. It's a problem for me since he should live up to his name "Punk" and be a heel. He seems tailor-made to be a heel. I don't see much of a point in saying he should be the ultimate tweener because that's just about the same thing as being a face. You could have called Stone Cold a "tweener" just because he used to insult other faces and stun them at times but based on who he was booked against the majority of the time and given the crowd reactions for him, he was pretty much a face.
  13. No problem at all. I hate Punk but loved the fact that the crowd was split with the "Under-Taker, CM Punk!" chants.
  14. Overall I think this is showing how a lot of the WWE Universe enjoys CM Punk's character. He's controversial, sadistic, and downright twisted right now. I think that's the kind of shock value that people enjoy regardless of the fact that he was majorly disrespecting Paul Bearer. Regardless of whether he's face, tweener, or heel I think you're going to see CM Punk getting lots of support from the fans. CM Punk went all out in that segment against Undertaker last night and I think a lot of people appreciate that.
  15. It's a big problem, he's a great heel and I like him as heel but the crowd cheer for him, it's a new category, heece could be called
  16. Orrrrrrrrr tweener. Either way.

    Anyway, I don't want to restate what others here have said, so I'll just say I don't see it as being a problem. It's sort of like being the guy you love to hate. People are going to love him and cheer for him no matter what.
  17. Tweener is something different is like a mid status, you're neutral and sometimes you're cheered and other booed but that's not Punk's case, he's a heel but people cheer him.
  18. Yeah, I can understand your point. But to me the fact that he is trying to be a heel but keeps getting cheered still puts him in that in-between place of being a tweener. It's hard for me, personally, to completely view him as a heel because he gets such great (positive) reactions from the crowd, so for me he still comes across more as a tweener.
  19. You act like Punk is the first heel to get cheered. Most heels that get cheered are simply turned face, but Punk can't play a face because he is miserable at it.
  20. I know Punk's not the first heel that gets cheered but he acts like a heel so I don't think he'll be turning face again and start again with the stupid ice cream bars stuff
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