Is Randy Orton REALLY a main event anymore?

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  1. Is Randy Orton REALLY a main event anymore?
    It seen that he not use at all in the main event seen anymore. I mean he still used but not to the point you have him as a World Champion conter anymore.So do think WWE is really piershment him for the fail wellness? I mean he been on TV still but his gimmick just look die and he just a forment Champion that just there. I mean what PPV did he last win? He open WM29 and was the one on his Team to be pin. That also keep saying he going turn Heel yet we all know that when to Goldberg RIP OFF! What do you all think? Though?

  2. I just wish they would turn him heel already! Its driving me crazy. They will probably have him to turn on Sheamus soon *Fingers crossed*
  3. When he turns heel he'll be a maineventer
  4. nah i don't think so b/c report are he was sopost to turn heel after wm29 and the guy turn was goldberg rip off ryback. so ryback i think stole his heel turn.
  5. but he will not. that gave his heel spot away to goldberg rip off ryback.
  6. I'm sure he'll turn heel, it's just a matter of time
  7. his heel spot when to ryback. he not turn heel.
  8. I wish they'd just push the trigger on him being a full time midcarder and have him win the US or IC title.
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  9. Randy Orton would easy ME he is still hugely over despite doing nothing for how long now? Personally wouldnt mind him getting another shot if at the end of it he helped put someone over.
  10. I can bet you a legend upgrade that he'll turn heel before 2014 starts
  11. That's like betting that that The Shield will break up before 2015.
  12. I know but he says Randy will never ever turn heel... At least that's what I think he's saying...
  13. When was the last time he even main evented? 2010?

    I think the fact that he shows indifference towards his career in some way (violating the wellness policy twice, showing apathy towards being suspended last year which even made Vince flip out, etc.) shows why WWE won't put him at the top of the card anymore. If he turns heel, maybe he can climb back to the top. Another feud with Cena though is so not what I want to see, though.
  14. If his turn does happen against Sheamus, that'd be whack.
    Like really, that would be whack. Who in the world likes Sheamus more than Orton?
    Have him attack Cena, Lawler, The Undertaker, someone who would make the crowd realize that he turned heel. Or just have him lose a team match on purpose or align himself with another heel.
  15. If you consider SmackDown a big deal, his feud with Christian in 2011.
  16. he is a irrevelanter haha Hope he will turn heel so I can like him again. He was my very first favorite.
  17. nah. but it could have been but it will not. that been saying he was going turn heel since last year fall. then it got push to end of the year. then it got push to begin of 2013 to start a feud with shumus. then it got push to shortly after WM29. and then after WM29 the guy who turns heel is not orton its ryback. face it he not turning heel. and i can't bet my legend banner anyway as its from the old sever when u could buy legend banner and have it forever. which u can't do now.
  19. I saw his documentary a couple of months ago. I thought he was the future. Triple H had high regards for the kid.

    But when I was watching this year's WrestleMania I was curious why he was the first show of the night.
  20. His character is pointless right now, he is just there without a reason, it's obvious that he doesn't have the passion anymore.

    He desperately needs the turn sooner rather than later.
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