Is ReyRey injured again?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. So... Let's brainstorm on why Rey is out of the chamber. :dawg:
  2. He was demolished by Henry last week??
  3. On screen reason yes. But why is he off for real?
  4. Probably injured again, as always.
  5. Time to put over Cara at WM and retire Rey.
  6. It's a positive that he's not in the chamber, I guess. It's better to replace him with a younger talent.
  7. Drugs + injury
  8. That's the official story from WWE I guess.
  9. It was just for selling Henry attack
  10. He mostly going to rest so he good for WM29 to put Sin Cara over!
  11. So I think they'll give him some time off so he can job to Cara at WM. Great move, he'd probably get injured between now and WM anyway.
  12. I just think he has lost his spot near the top. He might still be popular but they are fed up with his injuries and speed so he is being de-pushed.
  13. There's only room for one Mexican on Smackdown? :jbl:
    It's probably cause he wants to be part time and they don't want to offer the deal to him, so his status in WWE is on the rocks
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