Is ROH losing it's niche?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. There was a time where if you wanted great wrestling you checked out ROH, they had the best talent in the world performing some of the greatest matches and in the most interesting stories IMO but now they're well behind PWG in the case of quality of wrestling, they don't have really gripping stories any more and have lost some of their best performers for the big two and really haven't replaced them. The talent is still excellent but I don't see another Danielson, Punk, Aries or Nigel coming through and making it must see any more. Steen is enthralling, Elgin is a bright light and they have others but it just isn't there any more.
  2. Like we've discussed before, they're in an era of change ATM. They've lost a ton of talent in the last two years, so it's going to take some time to rebuild. They'll be back, give it another year or so.
  3. Can they top PWG for in ring quality though? They've been the best in ring product for a while now so that's out, their stories have been poor also for a while now, it's not like it's just the talent the booking has been horrible too on the whole.
  4. It kind of was for a bit after DB/Nigel/AA left, but they elevated Steen/Generico/KOW/Black, so I believe it's only a matter of time. Not to mention they have to get out from under the Cornette stuff.
  5. I agree it went to the pan a bit in 09 - looking at the roster, who do you have taking the belt off of Steen though? No one has really been built for the role IMO.
  6. That's where the wait a year part comes in. If the can hold on to Cole, he can be there, Bennett with some more polishing. Even Cioppa has potential, they just need time to develop.
  7. They could possibly sure but the booking is beyond lacklusture and has been on the whole since the Sinclair deal, plus you have other companies rising up and breaking into their niche (PWG is a lot more well known on the internet now than what it was even a few years ago for example) It's no good waiting while the rest of your competitors are evolving. If you're given the choice of picking up a PWG supercard vs an IPPV you'll pick the supercard currently and rightfully so. Their niche is shrinking now, patience is irrelevant also, this thread is whether the current is costing them their niche, what identity does ROH have now?
  8. Right now, they don't have one. Perhaps they'll merge with PWG since they have a network TV deal and PWG has more talent right now.
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  9. Completely agree. I was excited to watch ROH when it finally hit Sinclair, heard tons of good things about the personal feuds and five-star matches. Watched it for a little while and just thought it was boring as hell, not many storylines or meaning behind the matches, no diversity in the characters and few good promos. Turned it off and rarely looked back, Steen's awesome but that's all, nice to know I wasn't crazy.

    But hey, I'll check out this PWG Battle of Los Angeles from last year. After seeing the little hype videos it seems incredible.
  10. Honestly just watch anything from PWG, you really can't go wrong. It's like falling headface into a room full of boobs.
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  11. If you wouldn't mind, could you do a little article on the differences between ROH then and now? Sure plenty of us would love to know what made ROH so great back in their glory years as opposed to the crap on Sinclair.
  12. I'll think about it and see what I come up with sure.
  13. PWG (every show since 2011) is more than worth checking out.

    And I agree with the OP completely.
  14. Short form

    Then: Nigel/Punk/Joe/AA/DB

    Now: No one at that talent level.
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  15. ROH has definitely lost its niche. PWG does great in ring content (could use some work on stories but I'll cut them slack due to the way they distribute their content) and Evolve is on its way up steadily and surely. American indy wrestling is looking good but ROH doesn't look to be that big a part anymore.
  16. I still blame Mr. Davey and Mr. Cornette to be the biggest part of it, unfortunately.
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  17. I suppose that's part of the problem, even was ROH was shit in the old days nothing competed. PWG was poorly distributed, Chikara and the like were the same. In an odd way ROH is the WWE of the indy world most think it's the be all and end all.
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