Ring of Honor Is ROH still an independent promotion?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, May 18, 2013.

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    You know, these guys!
    So I watched the Kevin Steen and Davey Richards DVD shoot from Highspots yesterday and it left me thinking about something. Both Steen and Davey felt like and pushed the idea that Ring of Honor is no longer an independent promotion. They felt that being owned by Sinclair broadcasting and being on national TV and on a network that is gaining ground (Sinclair is apparently opening up to more markets steadily if they are to be believed) had taken ROH out of being an independent promotion and instead turned it into a small major promotion with ties to the independent scene. I can see where they are coming from with this. ​
    Outside of TNA and WWE you easily make the most money in ROH in America, they are drawing bigger houses and selling a lot of DVDs and the ippvs are doing well so I can understand that from a financial and organizational point of view they aren't really a independent promotion anymore. ​
    what do you guys think? Is ROH still an independent promotion or would you call it a major promotion?​

  2. If it's broadcast nationally then nope IMO, to be indie you need to be free from that kind of thing. If you're shown all over a country on TV you're major.
  3. I am of similar thought. Once you start worrying about TV ratings on that scale you are a major. AIW in Ohio has a TV show but that is local so they are still indy for example.
  4. Major but still sorta Indy.
  5. Assumed this was a FTJ post honestly, go ahead and fix the title of the thread please and thank you.
  6. Still very Indy IMO. Until you have a prime time TV slot on a major network, you can't be considered main stream.
  7. No it is not and independent company anymore IMO. I've felt this way for a while tbh
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  8. Oh mr. Steve, you are too funny.
  9. It's not an independent company for almost 2 yrs now. It's still not a major promotion of course, but at least it isn't an indy anymore.
  10. I believe it's an indy.

    They don't have the fanbase nor the ratings to be a big promotion.

    What else is there besides Big/"Major" promotion and indy?
  11. Ratings/fanbase doesn't have an impact on if it is an indy or not from a TV standpoint unless we start talking live crowds. Steen's first promotion he performed in in Canada was an indy but had live crowds of 3000+. ROH is on national television and they have steady ratings reportedly. In my opinion you stop being an independent once you are on national TV.
  12. I just can't get myself to call them a "major" promotion.

    They're growing for sure, yeah. But they don't have the support to be called a major.

    If an independent movie is streamed on Netflix, which millions of people have, does it stop being an indy film? At least in my view/opinion it doesn't.
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