Is Rollins going to make history?

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  1. btw I posted this somewhere else but it got like no attention so I wanted to share this with you guys. I'm also retyping everything so there might be some new tidbits.

    This is pretty much my prediction + mark out moment that I want to happen. Now, that no one has ever done this before and I really think it would make for some super heel heat if they do this. So let me lay out this scenario.

    At Wrestlemania, we have Reigns vs. Lesnar. Hopefully the fans will be so invested in Reigns that they will actually care. Now, everyone has told me that they would never do this cause Wrestlemania is where all the good guys prevail and that this would just be some pointless thread. We have Reigns vs. Lesnar put on a 30 minute big guy match with The Authority doing everything in their power to stop Reigns from winning in the match. Including a throwback to Reigns vs. Triple H where Roman would spear Triple H through the barricade. It'd just be cool. We have Reigns beat Lesnar. The fans are going crazy. They love this. Confetti is coming down, everyone is cheering for him. He just had a 30 minute 'Mania moment that no one is going to forget. Like, the match was great for these two guys.

    Reigns is celebrating but all of a sudden.....

    We have Reigns put up a fight but Rollins would take advantage of what he just went through and not squash him but ya know put him down. Rollins would win the title with all the confetti around and some on his back and chest while Roman would lay in the corner. Just imagine Rollins on his knees hugging the World Title while everyone is either cheering or booing him. With some confetti on him also so it is even cooler. Plus, just end the show with an epic camera shot. The Authority is all laid out by Reigns on the outside and such from the match, Lesnar and Heyman nowhere to be seen.

    Now, time for me to discuss this topic. This would make for the 'Mania moment of 31. Like, this would even solidify Rollins as a major heel with him figuratively shitting on Reigns' Mania moment. This could also be used to build a big Rollins vs. Reigns feud and we could also throw Ambrose into it by SummerSlam or even before to lead to the big SHIELD triple threat that we've all been waiting for. This would also make for the greatest cash-in of all time.


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  2. I remember someone said a while ago that if The Rock vs Brock Lesnar were to happen next year, the title could still be on the line and we might see Rock win the WWE Championship one last time, which made me think "hmm, as much as I would hate for The Rock to get the rub of beating Lesnar, it would almost be worth it just as long as Rollins ran down to the ring afterwards and cashed in his briefcase on The Great One."

    I've been wanting someone to cash-in and become champion at Wrestlemania for a long time, and Rollins coming down and ruining Reigns' biggest moment would give him a great deal of heat and put him at the epicenter of the most historical Money In The Bank cash-in in history. Unfortunately, I can't see it happening, and to be frank, I'm not sure if I'd be down with taking Reigns' first big Wrestlemania moment away from him just like that. I know that's the part that's meant to give Rollins heat, but still. Most likely, Seth would just cash in on Reigns the next night on Raw.
  3. Would love it!
  4. Just read the OP and I agree with it, I'd be up for that kind of thing to happen... But, you're forgetting one thing that may be a crucial factor in Seth's MITB cash in... Dean Ambrose.

    So yeah, Reigns beats Lesnar, Rollins' music hits, he comes down and cashes in and... Fucking boom, man. There's Ambrose coming to stop Rollins from winning the match and he succeeds...

    Me, personally, would love to see Seth cash in. I was so fucking mad when they didn't let Sandow cash in, that was a complete burial for him...

    - It'd be cool the way you look at it, but I don't think they want to ruin Reigns' huge WM moment. I actually don't know how Seth is gonna cash in and dunno against whom, but I'd like to see it happen, most definitely.
    Who knows what's gonna happen till WM31? It's a long time from now, maybe Bryan would be involved in the title picture... Who knows. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
  5. They could always have Orton vs. Ambrose earlier on in the night, Ambrose wins but after the match, Orton punts him or some shit.
  6. Or... In addition to my previous post...
    - I would love it even more if there was a triple-threat for the WWE-WHC at WM31, with the former Shield members in it. Rollins (c) vs Ambrose vs Reigns. I am so looking forward to seeing what's gonna happen in the coming months, the build-up and all.
  7. Rollins does nothing for me most of the time, but even if I wanted to like him, that ring get up makes me hate him so much.

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  8. I think Reigns' big moment isn't going to be "destroyed" like that.
  9. :obama: Can't say I wouldn't enjoy seeing it happen
  10. I have this eerie feeling that wwe will fail in making Reigns the most over guy on the roster, but if it does turn out alright, I wouldn't mind that scenario at all
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  11. I love this angle. However, I don't see it happening. Reigns, whether you like it or not, would look stupid after this. He comes off beating the most dominant star in WWE history (arguably) and then loses to Rollins on the biggest stage of them all right after. The only way this could work is if Reigns wins the championship back at Extreme Rules, quick redemption.

    I personally love the angle as it would be different, make for a great feud, and put Rollins on the map. I just don't see it happening.
  12. Anything that ensures Roman Reings doesn't walk out champion is good for me.

    *awaits hate & dislikes on this post* lol!
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  13. I am more of a fan of Reigns than Rollins myself however this scenario is pretty good and I can imagine if WWE did choose to do this it would get a huge reaction from the crowd. I personally do see that they will continue to push Reigns up until Wrestlemania and depending on how the crowd take it which I am assuming will be really well and how things pan out from now until Wrestlemania it may be something that is on the cards to see Rollins cash in on Reigns as it would be ideal given all the history, however they may also look at it as it's Reigns time to shine and may allow him to have that moment. It could go either way and I am fine with either one of these scenarios as long as it makes a history moment.
  14. nooooooo i hate rollins his attire sucks pewp!
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  15. People would go nuts over the cash-in, and its not like the only time to hit big is at wrestlemania(cm punk got his big moment on money in the bank). Hell, getting fucked over might even make Reigns get super-over.
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