Rumor Is Ronda Getting Ready?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Grievous II, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Just thinking about what this would do for the women's
    division makes me smile.

    Ronda vs. Sasha? Ronda vs. Charlotte? Ronda vs. Asuka?

    Yes Please!

    Your thoughts...
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  2. Her schedule will be like Brock's.

    She will stagnate the division just like Brock.

    Stephanie will introduce her, manage her and get a Mania match out of her.

    When it's all said and done, Stephanie will get a rub and literally 1 other woman will too.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but this will just be Brock Lesnar Version 2.0
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  3. sweet
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  4. I hope you're wrong...I really do...

    But...I believe Ronda will do more for
    the women's division than Brock does
    for the men's division...mainly because
    the women's division is much smaller
    and will greatly benefit from the extra
    attention Ronda could bring.

    I've struggled with wrestling this year...
    but I choose to positive about this.
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  5. Ronda Rousey...... She'd be nice to have in the Ring.
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  6. She legit likes wrestling and cares for it more than Lesnar does. As a result of this, her path may well resemble The Rock's since she is now producing major Hollywood work. In that vein, her fan base would be an entirely different one.

    If her run resembles The Rock's I don't see an entirely different outcome. She'll be a babyface, yet she'll be in far better physical shape than him. The Rock has lost one time since 2011 and has pretty much been protected in every single segment he has been in.

    There's also the issue of insurance in case she is injured. Should an injury occur, her film makers would take on those extra costs and the filming would take longer.

    She's young, in great shape but she also has a massive ego. We'll just have to wait and see how things play themselves out.
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    I think her ego got taken down a peg recently. Hopefully she will be a team player and will have good booking.

    If she truly does have respect for the business she will probably be ok.
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  8. Sounds awesome to me! Ronda - Asuka would be perfect
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  9. Can you feel it? Can you feel the positivity?

    It truly is a wonderful thing...
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  10. I knew this day would come ... and I'm happy about it lol
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  11. Hell Yeah! Preach it Brother Finn!
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  12. Ronda needs to fight Charlotte, Asuka & may-be Nikki Bella...

    Ronda "fighting" Stephanie would a total fucking waste of time.
  13. I'd love to see Nikki Bella fight Ronda Rousey. I'd love to see a bear fight Nikki Bella. How about both in one night?
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  14. Ronda vs. Nikki vs. it WWE!
  15. Ronda Rousey will be a part timer, but it will be best for businesss. A match witg Stephanie will be really dumb. Becky, Sasha, Bliss, Asuka, Charlotte are much more worthy
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    Yes...You are correct...

    Yes it would be...

    Bliss? Really?

    And while we're on the topic...Ronda in a ring...