Is Ryback ''THE Guy''?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. He got a pretty big push when he first debuted as ''Ryback'' and was pretty hot for a short while, but he's seemed to cool down a bit since then.
    Will he'll continue to get pushed towards the top, and if so do you think the fans will/can get behind him?
    Will he ever be THE "Top guy"?

    Personally, I don't really see it. He just comes off as a big goofy, dopey, bland "big guy". I don't really see anything about him that screams "star" aside from his look.
    His intensity seems forced, he's not very good on the mic (from what I've seen), he seems to get gassed quickly and he has no charisma. He basically begs for pops by swinging his arms and yelling "feed me more", it's not "natural" and again, seems forced.

    Sure guys like Goldberg and Batista weren't the greatest wrestlers or speakers and only had their look going for them, but they still got over and were actually pretty big stars. What they did have was fucking intensity, Goldberg with his wild facial expressions/mannerisms and Batista violently shaking the ropes would get you pumped up. I don't see that with Ryback.
    Roman Reigns on the other hand does have "It", imo. Just natural fucking intensity that gets you hyped, but that's probably for another thread.

    Anyway, yeah. What do you guys think?
  2. I think his chance for a big moment was last year with CM Punk, but that itself would have been terrible since Ryback as WWE Champion against The Rock or Ryback as WWE Champion heading into Wrestlemania would have been undesirable options. I never saw him as the future #1 guy of the company anyway, always thought he would be the second tier star at best like Batista was to Cena or Warrior was to Hogan.

    I don't think he's completely bad, but for all the time we've spent with Cena, I'd be disappointed that the guy who finally ended up replacing him or ends up giving us another face to cheer for even with Cena still on the show is a generic body type with limited charisma like Ryback.
  3. Ryback is not the guy now, but I see it as a strong possibility. If he can improve on his wrestling and really sell the shit out of his character he will be The Guy. Ryback still has somewhat of a following, but as of late he really hasn't looked dominant as of late. All Ryback needs is someone like Cena to put him over. As of now I wouldn't want to see that happen because he isn't all that great, but if he improves I would like to see that. Now if we had Goldberg vs Ryback that would even be more of a way to put him over. Anyway he has the it factor, it just needs to be improved.
  4. I think Ryback needs some work before he'll be "THE guy". He needs to work on his presence on the mic since he doesn't have a lot of intensity when he's delivering his dialogue. The "feed me more" stuff has become irritating to me and I don't like the gimmick. It's great to be a tough guy but his victories overall have come far too easily to him. I'd rather see a tough guy mentality without all the forced "feed me more" chants. I think his matchup against Mark Henry is a good opportunity for him to demonstrate his strength and agility against the world's strongest man and then we'll finally get to see what he's made of.
  5. I don't want him to ever be the Guy, I'd prefer to see someone like Reigns when he eventually gets a face run as "The Guy"
  6. He needs to work more to be "the guy" imo
  7. Is this a relatively HQ thread from Deth? Interesting
  8. Anyway, :no: Ryback shouldn't be the man. He has the look and that is it IMO. I'm not a fan of watching him perform more often than not.
  9. No he's not...I cannot imagine him gettin a WHC/WWE title...He would get stale really soon and then turn heel.
  10. Wow that's some statement to make
  11. They've really botched his character atm. If he can get his badass aura back he can be a great World Heavyweight Champion, but he doesn't seem to be "the guy". no.
  12. Yeah, his push has been botched hard. Not sure he'll be #1, could be #2 if they do things right with him in the future.
  13. Ryback has the look?

    In which world? He has the body and... that's it.

    - Boring
    - Ugly as fuck, like really
    - Stupid
    - :happy: <-- Why do we have this smiley?
    - Feed Me :stfu:
    - Weak
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