Spoiler Is Ryback.....?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. Is Ryback the new Paul Heyman guy since he saved Paul from a beating off CM Punk? That would be one hell of a push for Ryback. Im gutted as I wanted to see CM Punk destroy Paul
  2. .....yes

    that is all.
  3. Ryback > Lesner > Punk
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  4. Ryback is gonna be Heyman's monster client for now, until Brock comes back (if he even does, which he probably will.)
  5. Yes and its horrible.
  6. Lesnar will put Ryback over at WM30.
  7. Was really hoping to see someone of NXT maybe even Paige come save Heyman but meh Rybitch really?
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  8. Yes, Ryback is going to be working for Paul Heyman, which is ironic. Paul Heyman is the one who paid to the Shield and Brad Maddox to make sure Ryback never won the WWE championship in the first place. I'm a bit curious to see why these two are working together.
  9. I sure as fuck hope not. I think Curtis is turning out to be a bust, and if Ryback is the new Heyman guy well that's now two fucksucks under his wing :facepalm:
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  10. Yes, that was the case implied. Ryback is the new Paul Heyman Guy.

    Now, as much as I shit on the thought last night, let's back up here. It wasn't that long ago that It was revealed that Heyman and Punk were in cahoots with the Shield and interfered with Ryback's chance the WWE championship. So, initially, this would not make sense. However, from what it seems to me, Ryback is easily manipulated. Let's look at what made Ryback heel: Cena unintentionally not treating their friendship the same way Ryback had. Lol, that seems like such an idiotic thing to abandon all moral inhibitions and turn completely heel over, at least to me anyway. Cena and Ryback weren't even shown as "the best of friends". I'm sure if things were painted a certain way for Ryback, he'd believe it. As we all know Heyman is the best conniving liar in the business, so I'm pretty sure Ryback will play the role as the big, "dumb" monster heel that comes to Heyman's rescue for awhile. It might not have been the best choice nor what everyone would have preferred but God knows Ryback needs as much help as possible currently (if his character isn't completely ruined by now).
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  11. Or Ryback could just as well have followed the ancient principal of "If you can't beat them, join them". Ryback when facing of with Punk last year noticed how Heyman frequently interfered to help Punk get success. Ryback, being less naive now compared to his character a year ago can just as well have realized that with Heyman at his side he will have higher chances of success considering the success rate Heyman have with champions. He would have nothing to lose siding with the fat man from New York.
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  12. That could very well be another reason, makes sense. Seems more probable than my prediction, actually, lmao.
  13. Ryback being the new Paul Heyman guy will really help him and this is awesome
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  14. It's a possibility, but the way they've taken Ryback recently, I have a lot of doubts.
  15. I think this means big things for Ryback.

    Axel is a bust. Everything from his intro music to his mic skills stinks.
  16. Tbh, his theme music was awesome (until they kept fucking with it -.-) but he is pretty boring to me.
  17. Yup.
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  18. I thought someone new coming up from NXT was the best choice as well for the new Paul Heyman guy. Would have been the ideal way to bring someone new in. Plus, I thought this bullying thing was fun to watch and could allow Ryback to sort of stand on his own for awhile, especially with the new attire like the black vest and stuff.

    As I did with Curtis Axel though, I'll remain optimistic. Ryback has always been more entertaining to me than McGilliculty /Axel was anyway. Would rather see Ryback hit a bunch of power moves in the ring than watch what Curtis has to offer. Plus, his Bullying gimmick was/is more entertaining than Axel's "I'm Mr. Perfect's son" gimmick.
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  19. Even that thing he does with his hands across his chest and yells "Boom" is lame. A few times he came close to hitting Paulrus Heyman in the kisser
  20. I can't even tell you how many wrestlers say "boom". lmao. Yeah, looks like he needs to go under redesign again. :meh:
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