Is Sasha Banks the greatest female in-ring performer in WWE history?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Marcus Snowden, Apr 26, 2016.

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  1. Although she may be only 24 years old, Sasha Banks has been in several matches in the long and storied history of the WWE. Her two classics with Bayley immediately come to mind. She also had an amazing match with Becky Lynch at TakeOver: Unstoppable and had a great series of matches in Charlotte last year. She also had the greatest Main Roster Women's Division match in WWE history with Charlotte and Becky Lynch for the Women's Championship at Mania, a match which many people say stole the show.

    She had such an amazing and historically significant year in 2015 that many fans and critics alike were considering her to Wrestler of the Year. When was the last time an American female wrestler was legitimately considered to be Wrestler of the Year? Also, she placed 8th on the WOTY list at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards, which is (correct me if I'm wrong) the highest placement for a female wrestler in that category in its history.
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  2. She reminds me of a better version of melina ngl but I gotta admit that I do enjoy her matchs.
  3. No. Not yet, but she has the potential to eventually be depending on how it goes. But as of now, I am not ready to place her above Gail Kim, who I feel is the best in ring female performer ever.
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  4. I agree. I love Sasha, she's my favorite female wrestler.
  5. There are some Japanese joshis better than Gail Kim, IMO. Hokuto, Aja Kong, Bull Nakano and Manami Toyota come to mind.
  6. Would like to see her return now that the division is trying to focus more on the wrestling aspect. She's still in TNA, yeah?
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  7. If you compare Gail's body of work in the E, which matches have been better than Sasha's work especially in NXT? If anything I'd put Sasha there due to the quality of booking she's had vs most other female performers.
  8. Yeah and she's 39 too. I would love to see her wrestle Banks and Bayley and I think a feud with Asuka would be pretty cool too. But it would have to happen soon as she isn't getting any younger. But those could be four or five star matches.
  9. Also, Gail doesn't come close to Banks in terms of in-ring work and booking.
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  10. She has the potential. I wouldn't jump to conclusions as to say she's the greatest of all WWE history.
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  11. That's understandable.
  12. Well if we're just including her work in WWE, than I would say definitely not. Other than the match at Wrestlemania, she hasn't had another great main roster match. But I don't include NXT when referring to WWE because although they are owned by the same company, they are completely different animals. Just look at the way the women are allowed to perform there for the most part and how they perform on the main roster and they are clearly not the same. I think you'd have to open it up to matches elsewhere in order for either of them to be in consideration for such an accolade. So I was looking at the complete body of work of the wrestlers who have at one time or another been in WWE. Simply because Gail's matches were better elsewhere doesn't make her less of an in ring performer than Banks.

    If I open it up to others, and include their work in NXT and elsewhere, that is how I come to the conclusion on Gail
  13. Yeah, then you haven't watched a lot of her matches because she certainly does when it comes to in ring work.
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  14. Underestimating, Gail, like that is stupid. She's had some of the best womens wrestling matches I've ever seen. Sasha just has a bigger platform with more able bodied competitors to show it off.
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  15. Sasha Banks reminds of a female version of Kazuchika Okada, specifically the 2012-2014 years of Okada. They're both super charismatic and enormously talented wrestlers with great looks to them, and have awesome gimmick that demands them to be the top stars in their respective divisiond. Yet they also happened to be pushed aside as the top faces in favor of creative trying to emulate old stars with new wrestlers (Charlotte, 2013 Tetsuya Naito). But just like Okada in 2015, the WWE creative team will realize the potential of Banks as their own Ace and she WILL become the Women's Champion and a true star.
  16. Love the old vet roles, not nearly enough happen on the women's side of things as far as the WWE goes. Her coming back and being like Cena was when he had the U.S title, or Jericho for the most part would be prime. I remember she left on her own terms, doubt they'd have a problem taking her back.
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  17. I hope so, man.
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  18. I am saying that her WWE work doesn't come close to Banks' WWE (or NXT) work. Gail's overall body of work, though, does come close to Banks. Hell, it could be ever better.
  19. Except Okada was being touted as the future ever since being repackaged. His program with Tanahashi in 2013 and the numerous 5 star matches they produced shows that. Was he pushed aside for a bit? Probably, but I don't think it was ever a booking error as much as it was waiting for the right time and place. And I think they'll do the same with Banks. Was WM the right place? yeah, but there's always next year.

    I guess, I'm just getting at that they weren't exactly pushed aside but were getting ready for bigger things in the long run. Which I know will happen with Banks.
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