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  1. Currently for quite some time the undertaker is not making any appearances in WWE. I wonder why? I found out on the internet that mr. mcmahon is saving him for wrestlemania so that wm will be a great hit. But, I want all of you guys to think about it , just imagine the phenom making once-a year appearance at WM will make WM a hit indeed. But, without the undertaker on SD or RAW the ratings of these shows are falling continuously. So Vince's idea is not good enough , especiaaly with no new talnt emerging on these shows so far. So guys just think deeply, is this indeed a good step towards WWE's future
  2. he only gets to wrestle once a year because they basically have to duct tape the old man back together after every match
  3. Actually, your right
  4. He wrestles once a year because of his age and all the years are taking an effect on him now.

    The current plan is a return at Survivor Series and WWE Officials believe he has 'a few' more matches in him, with a match definitely at Wrestlemania 29.
  5. Can't say :boss1: he wrestle so little because of health reasons. would probably be bad for him to wrestle more regularly
  6. I can't vote until tonight but innthe mean time I will be voting for the first option.

    I myself don't see it as a bad thing really and I don't think it will really affect any outcome towards WWE's future. As others have stated, he's getting on a bit and with all the years he has spent wrestling (not sure on his lifestyle out of WWE) it has taken it's toll on him health wise.

    So overall it's better to keep him for the big events rather than using him in the weekly shows.
  7. If he was completely health then i would say it is bad only to use him once per year. smackdown was fucking awesome when he was used all the time!
  8. He's up there in age, so it's better for him to wrestle only once a year now. Also, it makes his appearance more special by limiting it to only wrestling at Wrestlemania every year. I wouldn't be surprised if he retired at, say, Wrestlemania 30, though.
  9. i think WM 30 could be Taker VS Cena ;o
  10. So do I (with Brock being the opponent for WM29.) If Taker retired after WM30, Cena would make a perfect last victim for his streak, being that he's the biggest WWE superstar that Taker could face at WM at this point.
  11. wut about hulk hogan :O
  12. He only wrestles once a year at WM because of physical reasons. He can't wrestle more than once, maybe twice a year if he wants to keep going, that's why. Vince doesn't "save" him for WM just to make an Undertaker appearance feel important, he's just not able to go anymore.
  13. well , if he just can't take it any more then hhh is right , he should retire right now
  14. I would love to see him come back in a non wrestling role, where he appears every week or other week just to troll people and to cause chaos to all the heels.. like making fog appear or lightning strike or in the middle of a match or promo the lights would go out and he would appear in the ring and chokeslam people and then just vanish :umad:
  15. That wouldn't be appropriate. I mean, OK, people would be able to mark for Taker every week, but it doesn't benefit anyone. Undertaker would be staying around for no reason. The heels would be buried every time. Taker wouldn't be able to wrestle... We'd have a 50 year old being considered above the entire roster, and he would never wrestle, so he can't put people over. It's not a good idea.
  16. my ideas are always appropriate :win:
  17. I like it. Taker retires and then the GHOST OF THE UNDERTAKER starts randomly showing up to cause chaos bwahahahaha

  18. :win:
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