Is Seth Rollins Reckless?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Botchie, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. I thought Brian Zane brought up some pretty good points and I thought I'd share. Maybe Rollins should try to wrestle a little safer, what do you think?
  2. I agree with ya. Although many people say that it's luck or whatever, I think that he should be a big lighter on the running powerbomb, but the nose one was just bad luck.
  3. He injured himself didn't he? (Seth that is) I don't remember what happened to him, but I thought that was because he was being too rough in the match and he was out awhile from it. He likely was trying to over deliver and mistakes happen. Sucks for Finn tho.
  4. I've noticed, even from personal experience, that some wrestlers, especially when the lights are on bright and they've been doing it for a while, get stiffer and try a little too hard to make a perfect match. You can increase intensity without actually putting more force behind something. That's what makes a great wrestler. Lots of guys get mad or too hyped up to make the perfect match and, in an attempt to be more "agressive," they hurt someone.

    I'm sure Rollins apologized and didn't mean for it to happen, and overall he's a great wrestler. But, that doesn't mean he's not a little wreck less when it comes to stealing the show.
  5. Fire the jabroni.
  6. Running powerbomb into barricade = Same danger as a bucklebomb.

    What a dumb video.
  7. For the injury, it happened because Finn's arm landed awkwardly along the barricade. Cena's injury was a mistake, and for Sting, it was age being a part of it.

    I say the "running powerbomb" into the barricade shouldn't be a spot to continue. The barricades in WWE may have padding, but there isn't as much give as they have with the steel barricades. That makes it harder to keep it safe. At least the turnbuckles are softer and have some give.

    I think overall, the issue with injuries is that the WWE's focus on "big matches" now has resulted in people taking riskier spots more often, not just Seth. If they want to limit the injuries, they need to find a way to add these cool spots, while not over-doing it each night. I fear for injuries with the Cruiserweight division coming back.
  8. In this layman's opinion: the problem is Seth can't see where the hell he's taking the poor lump that he's about to drop. It's a stupid time for him to be going for a jog in or around the ring. It tends to not look great. He should stop doing it.
  9. The only injury I would blame on Rollins was Cenas nose. That was pretty bad. Sting and Finn Balor was just bad luck. Injuries are just apart of wrestling though and they can happen to anyone, and most likely will. Look at someone like Owen Hart for example, he is considered by many to be one of the finest wrestlers of all time and look what he did. He dropped Austin on his head and took 10+ years off his career. Accidents just happen.
  10. Zane has a good point the move itself seems dangerous. Similar move paralyzed Droz?
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  11. lol how the hell do you know that? Anything in the ring is safer than on the outside. You always train for everything in ring and then you take bumps as best you can outside.

    Trust me. I'd rather be throw into turnbuckles than a barricade
  12. I wouldn't call him reckless, but the Bálor injury was a mistake on both ends.

    IIRC, Rollins threw him a bit short.

    And the positioning of Finn's body, his arms, to be exact, was probably preparing to be spread across the top of the barricade.
    But, his shoulders never reached the top, because Rollins didn't throw him far enough and then the rest is history.
  13. Let's not forget that Balor is 35 years old and has worked since he was roughly 17 years old. The dude has put a lot of mileage on his body working a very rough style. He was going to get injured somehow, someway. It was just a matter of when. This is WWE paying for not realizing that they should have brought in some of these guys sooner. Seth is not a dangerous worker, but the running powerbomb is a dangerous move because it is a precise science to execute from both giver and receiver.

    WWE are going to have the same thing on their hands once they sign Will Ospreay in a few years. A guy who has incredible athletic ability at the age of 23, but who is already going numb in one of his feet and has problems standing up straight and has shoulder/knee issues from his ring style.
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  14. He isn't as safe as he needs to be. Wouldn't call him careless or reckless, but the flippy midget shit is still in his veins so to speak and he hasn't found the right speed between Indie go go go and the slower WWE style. If you want to see the perfect balance between the two, look at Cesaro and Jericho.
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  15. After reviewing the injury and re-watching it. I'm more akin to Matt Morgan's opinion on it which was posted over on Wrestlinginc, that Balor injures himself. Balor moves himself so he's sticking out his shoulder and arm during the bump, so rather than take the bump square over his back, distributing it and the impact of it. He takes it square on his shoulder. No wonder he got injured. But had Rollins waited another step or so with releasing him, he probably would not have been injured.

    It's one of those freaky things that just happens.

    But Rollins is not a reckless worker. He's worked for 15 or so years and only injured 3 people. That is a pretty good track record. But as I said in my previous post, maybe skip the running release powerbomb because not everyone can take it
  16. shit happenns.

    sting and cena were at fault for gettin injured. neither could work for toffee. and there fans can kiss it.
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