Is Sheymoose vs Del Rio one of the worst main event fueds in recent history?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Since April 2nd - the day after 'Mania - these guys have been fueding, and absolutely nothing interesting has happened? A few shoes have been thrown, a few boring matches have passed, and that's it really.

    When was the last time you seen a main event fued that matched the tedium of this one?

    P.S - Yes, I do remember Mark Henry/Show and Cena/Show however the had interesting stories that linked with them (Vince return and Bryan title win) and didn't last nearly as long.
  2. They have only been feuding officially since after Over The Limit. This feud started out slow but has become really entertaining and one of the best booked feuds of 2012. I do not agree with you saying this feud is tedious. Considering the two guys in this feud it has been really entertaining.
  3. Opinions I guess. The matches and their results have been booked well but that's about it IMO. It's just a totally generic rich guy vs peasant storyline and it's bored the hell out of me.

    And yeah it's only been official since OTL but we saw quite a few promos and one on one matches before then.
  4. l agree, but the feud going on for this long? Kinda want a new storyline.. & the harm Del Rio does to Sheamus just makes him seen less as a fighter. l mean, the cheating + Retardo by his side?
    Besides that, l agree it has been much entertaining.
  5. It's been going longer than I would've liked at first but it's been pretty well booked so far, as long as it ends once and for all at NoC it's OK.
  6. I don't think it's a bad feud.. The attacking thing is pretty damn well played. Like when ADR slammed Shumu on/under his car, that was nice. So, let's see how it rolls further.
  7. I disagree. This feud was one of the best booked feuds in the early stages, now it's just dragging on. It's got boring and repetitive, something long feuds tend to be in WWE now'adays because of the lack of vision they have. Years ago you would see cars being destroyed and such, now it's the same old thing. But for one month this was probably the best feud in WWE.
  8. Honestly i feel the opposite. i think it's finally being booked better, at first it was so fucking obvious that it was specifically to put Sheamus over a heel and to make him look as good as possible. I honestly cant remember him losing to ADR once without some shit Ricardo deal, like the trashy DZ wins where he NEEDS vickie to win. Now since the car deal, it's felt like the heel is out to fuck over Sheamus and ADR actually looks like he might possibly win, even though logic has us assuming it will take something sneaky to beat that big white ginger faggot.
  9. Well, the way they book most heels is indeed horrible, it feels like they can't win a clean match for anything. Which is why I think this feud should end soon. But as you said Aids, at the very beggining of the feud I also thought it was just going to be some random boring feud where Sheamus buried the heel, but the build for Summerslam after MITB was pretty good. I think that if the feud ends once and for all at NoC it won't feel as if it's dragging on that much and everything will be fine.
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  10. It's not too bad but I have to agree it is one or probably the worst feud of 2012.
  11. This^ and, hopefully DZ cashes in.
  12. OMG !!!!! Im so tired of this feud. They have NO ring chemistry. We all know that Del Rio cant beat Shamus. As we have seen time and time again. That also follows that Dolf cant beat him either. So where does that put us ?? Wade ? maybe CM Punk after he looses to Cena . Maybe Ryback could make a run at him ?
  13. I know who can beat Sheamus.... Yoshi Tatsu. :dawg:
  14. No one can beat Sheamus clean because he bums HHH in the back. I do think he will be cashed in on by Dolph though, resulting in him losing the title.
  15. HHH is probably the only one who can beat Sheamus clean. :lol1:

    I also think he'll lose the title via DZ cash in.
  16. Read that the plans where to have Dolph cash in on Sheamus and then have Orton return from filming to have him and Dolph feud for the title. Might have been a Meltzer so take this with about as much salt as is needed to kill a pack of slugs.
  17. It reminds me of that dreadful Orton/Christian feud from last year. except with better storytelling and worse matches.

    This time ADR is doing some nice things (the car hood, the hired cops, now even a lawsuit) to get some heat in this feud, but when the babyface looks invincible and the heel isn't over, you get crowds chanting for the MITB winner to save us from this shit.
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