Is Skip Sheffield returning on 2/1/12?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Personally, I hope not.
    It would be a major let down considering he's not over at ALL, as people remember him as a heel in The Nexus.
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  2. Wow, I was thinking it could be him but then instantly thought "No, it's bound to be a household star". I would be disappointed because I was hoping so bad it'd be Jericho, and I was a big fan of Skip in the Nexus days. He won't be a face if he returns which is good, he's decent in the ring with good mic skills. But with Brodus deputing soon, where would he fit? I still think it's going to be Jericho.

    That is a very weird Tweet from him though, just makes me more excited for Jan 2nd to see who it is.
  3. If reports are true, Jericho is returning on 2/1/12 and going into a feud with CM Punk for the WWE title into WM. Now THAT is a match I want to see.

    At first it was 100% for Taker, however because they've been building talks with Jericho it's now almost guaranteed for Chris.
  4. Oh god I'm marking out even thinking about it. In those segments it does say "Taking back what's rightfully mine" aka Best in the World? Since Jericho said it long before Punk. Imagine the match itself, just imagine it! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also, Jericho said a while back if he returns to WWE he'll have a new character, so I can't wait to see his gimmick. We've had Y2j, we've had his honest suit gimmick, both were gold, what's next?
  5. Yeah, Jericho has been saying on Twitter for ages (I don't know if you have Twitter/if you follow him but w/e, if you do, follow me, @jonathansafc) that people are stealing his moves etc.

    But one things for sure he would be back as a heel because that's what he is best. He also said a couple of weeks ago 'I will never be back as a Wrestler for WWE again' - Of course 'Wrestling' and 'Wrestler' are under the 'banned terms' in WWE because they're 'Story tellers' and 'Sports entertainers' so that's quite a heel-ish move, whilst also being hilarious.

    Slightly off topic here:
    Just think, we actually have two wrestlers as world champions.
    Vince McMahon must have gone soft. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Yeah I have twitter, will follow you now I'm @wweforumsnet (I spam tweet trends for traffic).

    Yeah, it's definitely him using Twitter to further the storyline. Hence why we're in the "Reality Era" apparently, lol.

    Haha, we had Christian and Punk as champions in MITB didn't we? I thought that would be a one off for proper "wrestlers" as champions, but lightning has stroke twice after TLC :emoji_slight_smile:.
  7. I think it is more likely going to be Skip Sheffield than Chris. I heard somewhere that Chris Jericho is not returning because he is too old and unfit for it now. I really liked Chris too.
  8. :O Jericho is in better shape than quite a lot of the roster, I hope that isn't true (as you can see I'm a big Jericho fan) lol.
  9. Chris is 40 and has took 4 of the last 10 years off so I think he should be good for one more run.
  10. I believe him, himself, posted on Twitter saying he was not comming back.
  11. He's a heel, he said he will never wrestle for WWE again.
    They don't wrestle, they tell stories and sports entertain.
  12. On the day of his previous return he said he was doing a gig with fozzy on the other side of the country. He talks about it in his second book.
  13. Exactly, he's a heel. He does heel things.
  14. It's very difficult really with Twitter now. It's hard to believe what heels say especially, since Twitter is used in most major storylines in the reality era. If he is returning, he's probably persuaded at least 200-300k of his nearly 500k fanbase on twitter that it isn't him just by those comments. So think how many are going to be surprised when it is him returning. If he's not returning and he's being honest, we all look stupid :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Thing is, what I find hard to believe is that a legend like Chris Jericho had his last run by being punted by Orton? I doubt that. The newest video out aswell of it begins screams Chris Jericho :emoji_slight_smile:. Canadian leaf (mapal leaf I think it's called) in the pond at 0.18. His name crossed out on the composition book. Lots of clues in this one.
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