Is Sports Entertainment stale?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. Many people have said the WWE is stale and I agree with that at times but is the whole idea of sports entertainment the problem? After all we've had this style since Hogan pinned Sheik in 84. So is it time for wrestling to be the mainstream, or something new entirely or is sports entertainment a model which can still work?
  2. WWE fucked itself into a rut they will never get out of when they bought WCW, ECW, and went PG...
  3. I don't think so, I just think WWE is in a rut with their characters and storylines. They need to be more creative
  4. No because they still average 250k buys a PPV with the shit ass product they've given out. Imagine a good one.

    There's one thing WWE do exceptionally well, and that's the other side to hyping feuds. The video packages, the main-stream interviews, the social media, the social interaction. They're freaking immense at using that side of the coin to get buys instead of using RAW.

    However, I do think stepping back into a more edgy non PG style will save the WWE. Why? Look at how much attention CM Punk got last summer by basically telling the truth and telling Vince to F off. There needs to be that edgy attitude-style because the majority of WWE fans are still in the 18-35 range, and you ask most of them about WWE and they'll say "It's not as good as it was". If anything, with the resources WWE has, it should be a LOT better than it was.
  5. It's just in a rut as Dolph's says we need a lot more creativity regards storylines and characters.

    As anxiety says they need some edginess also which shouldn't be an issue even in a PG era as you can get away with a lot more as PG in the modern world.

    Also I feel they need to stop relying so heavily on returning favourites and start building a new generation of superstars for us to love I mean as much as I love Rock and SCSA do we really need to see them keep coming back. I'm not saying that returns are a bad thing but to be relying on them heavily to me shoes that WWE officials feel there is a serious lack of talent to push, which as we know isn't true there are plenty of ppl we could push with the right training behind the scenes.
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