Rumor Is Swagger done with WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 23, 2016.

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    I don't find it hard to believe that he's probably done with the company, since they're not using him.

    And honestly, I hope he's leaving. Hopefully he goes to Japan, preferably NJPW.
  2. Hopefully he goes to Dragon Gate. Swagger vs. Shingo would be amazing.
  3. Maybe he is retiring from wrestling. Or he's just leaving WWE.
  4. Seems like the kind of guy that wouldn't bother going on in wrestling, but considering his accolades guarantee him a top spot in any company he might continue.
  5. Maybe he is staying in Glasgow to open up a deep fried mars bar restaurant.
  6. Apparently his wife cleared it up by saying that it was the last day of the tour. Then she deleted that, so we really don't know what the hell is going on. Personally I think Swagger was wasted potential from the start. He can wrestle, he has the look but it's a shame he can't cut a promo to save his life. By the time Zeb Colter started managing him, he was done. There wasn't really much more they could do to save him tbh
  7. Dragon gate would never take him. He's too big. Everyone on the DG roster would legit reach to his belly button
  8. He seems like he would be an amazing gaijin. Just look big and nasty, wrestle your ass off and do it in front of a bunch of people who don't know you can barely talk.
  9. Hooray sighs honestly it could do worlds for him to actually of left WWE at this point. He's not doing anything special at the moment, and he's talented enough to have success somewhere else for another company.
  10. A gigantic foreign monster heel, uniting the factions for a common cause of getting rid of him. Kind of like an Invasion angle except Swagger would job everyone out until an established star or a younger one comes and topples him.
  11. he isnt leaving unfortunately, the tweet he made by saying 'Last day' meant his last day on the UK Tour before they go back to the US
  12. Not have Dragon Gate operates breh.
    DG is the one company who literally has a "no guys over this lenght" unwritten rule. He could get a one off match. But the company is built on cruiserweights.

    Uhaa Nation was the biggest guy in the company for years and he's a dwarf next to Swagger
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  13. Ehh, figured it was too good to be true. Oh, well.

    See you on WWE TV, Swagger! Oh, wait... :smirk2:
  14. Main event and Superstars count! Shame nobody watches them tho
  15. *Superstars
  16. Raw/SmackDown or bust.
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  17. I used to watch those shows before, I think I haven't watched 'em for months and months, all I know is that I enjoyed the hell out of ME when Cesaro and Harper were there.

    Now, I don't even bother checking out the results for ME/Superstars tapings.
  18. they're shows where you check the spoilers and make a decision. Usually, I don't watch
  19. Remember when Main Event had title matches and top stars.
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  20. Barely. It's been a while since anybody gave a shit about that show
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