Is Tanahashi the best to build a company around....

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    When you consider it all, he's a great draw as the king of NJPW which during his reigns has been established as the top in Japan, possibly even the world. He'll guarantee you at least a 4* match in every PPV event he wrestles in and seem to be able to mesh with so many different styles. His standard in ring dropped in 2012 admittedly from his highs in 2011 but he's still at an elite level IMO. He's king consistency and makes up for his flaws of natural talent with a phenomenal workrate, some will argue about Okada or Nakumura I'm sure but neither of these will draw better than Tanahashi so these can't be considered.

    Just a few random matches, please at least watch this before saying lol Japan sucks.

    vs Okada

    Vs Suzuki

    My personal favourite, mainly because I love Machine Gun as well.
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  2. I love Tanahashi very much. I lol at some of his haters, I really do. Tremendous athlete, very good performer and highly entertaining overall.

    Loved his matches vs Okada, awesome series.

    And to answer the thread title, big :yes: if NJPW is anything to judge about.
  3. Yes, he always seems to have great matches. Saw the Suzuki match months ago and was impressed.
    He has the look as well to be the top star. Answer is YES! :bitw:
  4. He has haters? All I can think of hating him for is not being the most naturally talented guy but his workrate is through the roof.

    Agreed his look is dope, he's not too big to be clumsy but no so small he seems unrealistic.
  5. Everybody has haters, literally. But most of them are ungrateful doofuses, so I just ignore 'em.
  6. Tanahashi is great. Possibly one of the greatest of all time out of Japan if he keeps it up. As you mentioned he is not one of the most naturally talented guys on the roster but he makes up for it with an insane work rate, ability to improve and charisma. He is to NJPW what Cena is to WWE. THE guy. (In no way am I comparing the twos characters, just their roles in their companies).
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