Is Tensai Bothered By 'Albert' Chants?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 18, 2012.

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  2. Read this earlier. Good for him.
  3. He probably knew it would happen tbh, he's been round the block a few times.
  4. Wonder if Ryback is bothered by the 'Goldberg' chants. Who the hell is Hip Hop Hippo?
  5. It was when Albert was with Cena I think, early on with John's rapper gimmick.
  6. Hip hop hippo was a semi gimmick Albert had as a face. Like how Sheamus is the great white Albert was the hip hop hippo
  7. When Tensai was A-Train, Hip Hop Hippo was a nickname for him.
  8. So Lord Tensai has always sucked. :burns: Good to know.
  9. Whats that saying? Its better to hear boo's over no sound at all. He is decent and will probably stick around for a while, which i'm totally down with. They just need to finish adapting/changing his character and gimics and stick with something he can do....Albert or A-train being a possibility. Seriously though, he's put on some decent matches, its Tensai I cant stand, not the man himself.
  10. Well, that's good, since he always gets those chants. He'd probably be pretty pissed by now if he didn't like them.
  11. Anything is better than hearing BORING chants or YOU FU**ED UP imo!
  12. I'm bothered by them. Show some respect for an amazing performer WWE Universe!
  13. :umad:
  14. I would be, but every time I see Balotelli's goal I smile. So no, not mad.
  15. LOL epic goal so much :win:
  16. This guy was good as Prince Albert and just Albert (when he teamed with Test).
  17. Do they really chant that never heard it
  18. I was the guy who asked him that on twitter. Felt pretty weird to actually be on dirt sheets haha.
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