Is Tensai done?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. :damnn:

    Gimmick change please... Damn.. No words..
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  2. Is it wrong I don't see anything really wrong with this? They could make a decent comedy team like Too Cool imo, remember how we loved those guys as kids? Yeah these kids may too.
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  3. ...there's a very bizarre friendship that seems to be brewing between Brodus and Tensei. I don't like it and it doesn't seem to suit Tensei at all. I hope this gimmick doesn't last long.
  4. Any chance of him being taken serious is done. Not that he was taken serious before, but he was atleast a jobber to the stars.
  5. Him being serious wasn't getting over though, he had that push and came out to me cheering.
  6. This.
  7. Reports from house shows this weekend says he is very over now as a face. So he seems to be doing alright. It's not the first time Matt Bloom has played a comedic character. Besides, him and Brodus can become a team and turn heel down the road. Becoming a dominant monster team in the tag division.
  8. Yeah, he might get over now, but he won't be taken seriously. Not by me anways, for what that's worth. Which is not much, i'm just one person.
  9. I see your point.. But the Japanese thing won't work in this way imo..
  10. I'm only optimistic about this because I'm hoping they will turn heel someday in the future.
  11. Hip Hop hippo with rapper Cena wasn't it?
    Being serious isn't getting him any where though, he doesn't need to be taken seriously as I doubt he'll touch any world title or anything so why not let him and Brodus get over as faces and possibly help the tag division? It could even help make Brodus as a monster heel in time.

    It wasn't working anyway lol, I love the guy but this could add to his overness and interest and I can't hate that.
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  12. SO... he turned face by wearing women's clothing...
    Tensai vs Cena vs Rock WM29
    Tensai vs Taker WM30
  13. Exactly. He outpoped A-Ry at that house show apparently. Plus imagine Tensai and Brodus turning heel down the line, becoming a dominant team like him and Anderson in NJPW.
  14. I'd rather Clay turned on Tensai before Tensai puts him over as a monster heel at WM 30 possibly.
  15. All I said was that I won't take him seriously. What he does to help others is nice, if that does happen. Best of luck to ya Tensai.
  16. Like that's a good thing..:facepalm1:
  17. Maybe not to you. But I am a major Matt Bloom fan so for me...yeah.
  18. Imagine the experience Brodus can get from working with Matt. Right now it's working so stick with it.

    They could both turn heel down the road and dominate the tag division.
  19. Nothing wrong. Him as a serious heel wasn't working, so why not? Beats what Brodus was doing previously too (nothing), so I can't see why not go with it.
  20. Exactly, it's a great way for Brodus to learn from a guy who knows how to work as a monster heel. Give it time, it'll grow on you.
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