Is the Authority undermining the entire roster?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. I don't want to advocate the use of a lame-duck GM.
    However, it seems to me that the Authority have booked themselves into somewhat of a corner
    HHH can defeat and outsmart any wrestler on the entire roster. Where's the intrigue?
    Stephanie's power is one thing, but society frowns on men disparaging women in any way. She's untouchable.
    This creates an extremely lopsided dichotomy where the Authority is almost immune to any backlash, whatsoever.
    Think of it as a see-saw where the Authority's leverage outweighs the entire WWE roster combined.


    This creates very little drama. It undermines top-tier talent and causes a stalemate in storylines.
    Does anybody else think the Authority needs a chink in the armor, something that makes them vulnerable?
    Having Laurinaitis or Maddox at least created the illusion of extreme vulnerability. Opinions?
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  2. I'm fine with it because I assume The Authority is still this finite, temporary angle that will eventually reach a conclusion at some point. They come in, rule with a iron fist and make several members of the roster feel oppressed at various points, and then someone, or a group of people, eventually rise up and manage to remove them from power (the obvious scenario there being that someone challenges HHH and dares him to put his and Stephanie's power on the line if he loses.)

    If anything, they aren't be heelish or oppressive enough as of late. What's the last really dastardly thing they did? It's been a while since we've seen them make a serious example out of somebody in front of the entire roster like with Bryan back in late 2013. HHH feels more like a babyface most of the time nowadays than he does a heel. Stephanie does at certain points as well.
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  3. The authority have overstayed their welcome. They should have been what Lockard described as a finite entity that would get banished. And that happened at Survivor Series 2014. But then the network came and said "We like this angle", so it came back, and is now seemingly going nowhere, which has created what OP described.

    There is a major flux of power with the entire roster feeling cuckolded by the authority with what seems to be no chance at comeuppance. The babyfaces can overcome any goon HHH throws at them but HHH is still going to be in power.
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  4. I'm still fairly confident that The Authority will be ostracized for good at Wrestlemania 32. Triple H's power is put on the line in his match against The Rock, and he loses. No if's, and's, or but's, The Authority is gone.
  5. I'm not too confident in that. They've swerved their way out of things like this before.
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  6. That's what we thought was gonna happen at this year's Mania with HHH/Sting, but look how well that ended. lol
  7. True, but it's more likely they could be preserving it for Wrestlemania 32, since it makes sense for them to save as many big angles for that show as they possibly can. The fact that their little power regime has a name (The Authority) and revolves around them choosing one particular champion to represent them speaks of a nonpermanent storyline that will eventually end imo, just like with The Corporation, etc.

    Of course, Triple H and Stephanie will never truly go away and we all know this. Even when/if this Authority shit is finally put out to pasture, we know that after enough time has passed, they'll eventually find their way back onto the show later on in another capacity anyway. It'll probably be like with Vince back in the day, where their roles will greatly diminish at a certain point and they won't be on television every week or every month, but they'll always return sporadically here and there whenever there's a good storyline that they could be a vital part of. Hunter is even the "babyface" owner of NXT, and that isn't gonna change. He isn't gonna remain a heel as a wrestler forever either.
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  8. I really have no problem with the Authority bstayng in power.
    However, one way to keep things interesting would be to sell an injury beyond its expiration date.
    For example, given that Daniel Bryan defeated HHH with his 'running knee', why not sell it by wearing an eye patch for a duration of time?
    While wearing an eye patch, HHH could shy away from potential matches by claiming he only had one good eye.
    Whenever 'Yes' chants presumed, HHH would cover his bad eye out of aggravation but also as a reminder to what Daniel Bryan did to him.

    Wheelchairs, arms slings and the like are all great props. They are temporary and don't have to last, but he is older and the company could use the flexibility.

    Edit: I find it particularly aggravating that Stephanie is playing the girlfriend of the high school quarterback in the Rollins/HHH storyline. It's cheesy. The way things are playing out, it almost sounds as if Sting is a member of DX and we're living the year 2000 all over again. With HHH's ego, it wouldn't shock me if The Rock 'interfered' on Rollins behalf so HHH wouldn't job out to Rollins completely before his potential match with the Rock.
  9. Same rule applies as when marketing a WWE game. Triple H cannot look weak. This is a legit rule they have that multiple gaming newspapers/mediums have mocked them for. You are not allowed to market/advertise a WWE game in your publication if you use photos/images that depict Triple H as weak/in peril. You are encouraged to use images of him looking strong tho. The rules are even stricter for the poor graphic artist designing the covers for said games.
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  10. Well, yes. They've been getting the heat for TWO YEARS NOW on this damn storyline. Can't we focus on people wanting to win wrestling matches and championships instead of on who the owner's favorite is? Please? Plus they keep breaking character all the time (especially on NXT, but not exclusively).
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  11. You're kidding, right? I know H has an ego but this is hilarious.
  12. Wish I was. I know that IGN has brought this up at least.
  13. People often bark at Bischoff for being a one trick pony, and rightfully so, but Levesque fucking SMOKES him in that department. Easily the most annoying mic worker in history of annoying mic workers. I'd rather listen to The Miz reading The Great Gatsby.
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  14. Well, they are doing a good job throwing roadblocks at Seth... haha
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