Is the Brand Split starting to come to an end?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Or was it just the Supershow format rearing it's ugly head?

    We had Henry going after the WWE Title.

    ADR is booked on SD for a WHC match.

    Even when we had Smackdown guys coming to Raw, they never really mixed in Raw guys for SD titles and vice versa. Possibly just wishful thinking on my part, but I think the brand split may be slowly coming to an end.
  2. Its been dying for a while, now it seems with Ace in charge they are killing it.
  3. They're killing it, but I'm convinced it's unintentional.
  4. :ace: Second Greatest Man that Ever Lived :ace:

    Also lol @ Crayo biting your style once again. Get your own sig you biter :laugh:
  5. I told Seabs yesterday if he made the gif I'd steal it. I marked too hard not to have that.

    Marked more than I did for Rocky's return.
  6. Like Crayo said. They are killing it unintentionally. I think this is for the storyline of Johnny wanting his guys to hold the gold. no matter the brand.
  7. I could see a corporate stable, I really hope so.
  8. How the hell is the draft supposed to work with Ace running both shows? doesn't really make any sense to even call it a draft if Ace is just deciding who goes where..
  9. Isn't their draft apparently random?
  10. I don't think so, but who knows.
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