Is the humming of Fandango's song going to be a thing now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Like the post-WM crowd last year got the :yes: chant going, are we going to hear fans hum Fandango's theme throughout crowds everywhere?

    If so, congrats to Johnny Curtis. His star is made.
  2. Bully you didn't say his name right. It's, FAAAAANNNNNDDDAAAAHHHHNNNNNGGGGGOOOOOOOOO
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  3. I hope so, but I'm not sure it will pick up quite like Yes did.
  4. I think last nights crowd were looking for anything to chant and sing! :emoji_grin:

    A Cole chant started afterall haha...
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  5. I'd love that but I don't think it'll happen.
  6. He got beat and replied when his name was incorrectly said, that was awesome, FAHN-DAHN-GOHH is entertainment
  7. Curtis/Fandango is made now. Not main eventer made but upper midcard made. It won't catch on just as much as Bryan's chants I think (I don't see them showing up at Basketball games for example) but he will not be forgotten.
  8. I could see it happening, the Yes chant is still going these days. I mean RAW after it went off the air, they played the music for the crowd so it is a possibility. I would love for it to become a thing
  9. I don't see it happening. Most crowds are asleep most of the night.
  10. Curtis is indeed, made..

    Fucking Crayo who didn't believe in it.

  11. Don't see it happening it was just the awesomeness of the crowd
  12. Reports from SD last night said they tried to get the Fandango theme going and it wasn't working... I knew it was too interactive of a chant for most dipshits who attend WWE Events to manage.
  13. New ringtone? and alarm
  14. Doubt it. It's much easier to "what!" or "yes!" than it is to hum a song in unison.
  16. I also doubt thats its going to be a "thing" like the yes or what chants, simple because it was his debut last week and it was the raw after WM. But who knows...I personally don't see the big deal with the song, its a crappy latin instrumental. Or tango, or salsa, or whatever the hell.
  17. It's a shame, it's gotten quiet catchy. Maybe the Americans can have as good a crowd as us Europeans :pity:
  18. What's up with all the Euro/UK faggs trying to take credit for the crowd? Lol
    Sure they helped, but it's not like the crowds were 100% foreign, chances are there were more Americans than Euros/UKz anyway. Smark crowds will be loud no matter where they're from (ie: Chicago. AN AMERICAN city). Get your heads out of your asses lol.

    Just watch some Attitude Era/Ruthless Aggression Raws if you don't believe Americans can have good crowds.
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  19. And even if the crowd was 100% foreign, that doesn't = 100% UK. Like a lot of you people make it seem, Lol. :pity1:
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